Mahatma Gandhi's Dirty Secrets

India celebrates martyr’s day today to mourn the death of our soldiers as well as the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi. 70 years ago, today MK Gandhi was shot to death. Gandhi Ji has played a big role in India’s freedom struggle there is no denying in that. But a lot of you do not know his best-kept life incidents. ObserveNow brings to you 5 of Gandhi Ji darkest secrets which will make you go bonkers. 


Note- We do not wish to offend anyone with this article. We have nothing but love and respect for our father of the nation. But as a fierce, truth-based media company it is our job to show our audience the other side of the story.  



1- Ban on Vande Matram- Despite of the fact that he was a Hindu himself, he banned our national song in 1938 on Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s request. The song was not only worshipped by the Bengali community but also became an inspiration to lead India’s freedom struggle. Gandhi ji passed a Congress manifesto in 1940 forbidding the members to use it in their speeches anywhere.

2- A supporter of Caste System- Yes we know this one is the toughest to believe but it is unfortunately true. As per an interview given by Dr BR Ambedkar to BBC radio service on 31stDecember 1955. He maintained his documents in two languages. English and Gujarati. In English, he opposed untouchability but in the Gujarati one, he actually backed the age old Dogma systems.  

3- His experiments with Sex- Gandhi ji had an unusual take towards lust, sex and bhramacharya (not judging just stating).He defined Bhramacharya as-

“One who never has any lust lustful intension, who, by constant attendance upon God is capable of lying naked with women in bed but is not sexually excited”. To prove this, he invited his 18-year-old Grandniece Manu and the wife of his grandnephew Abha to sleep naked with him. Both at the same time. This practice went on for a very long time. 

4- Hypocrisy- Time and again he has been accused of hypocrisy. In many of memoires penned down by eye witnesses who lived in the Gandhi era, One very significant incident of how his wife died comes to light. 

“Kasturba Gandhi was suffering from pneumonia and was required to take a penicillin shot to get cured. However, Gandhi ji forbid that from happening and said medicine is alien and that god will pull her through. Which of course did not happen and she died. Soon after, he suffered from malaria and took a shot of the same medicine to cure himself. His faith in God completely vanished?

5- Pro Muslim Policies-
He tried to propagate ‘Hindustani’ as our national language to please his Muslim friends/supporters. The language was supposed to be an amalgamation of Hindi and Urdu. Of course, it never made to the official languages list. But it did manage to destroy the original Hindi, and Sanskrit. Now, all we speak in India is a wrong hybrid of all three languages.

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