Local ke liye Vocal is the new Swadeshi Movement

Khadi sales witnessed an increase of 100.2% between the year 2015 to 2018 after PM Modi mentioned about Khadi in a various Radio speeches. Modi talked about Khadi not just being a fabric but an idea. The Prime Minister also launched India Handloom Brand after which weavers and traders started singing praises for Modi. 

The Narendra Modi Government has been trying to revive India’s domestic industry area.


These domestic industries are a part of the reform PM Modi elaborated in his roadmap to  Aatm Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan.

Giving an example, Modi said that PPE kits were never manufactured in India, N-95 masks were manufactured in a negligible quantity. The COVID crisis changes it all. India has been successful in manufacturing both the PPE kits and the N-95 masks. 

This is an important change for the domestic markets, pointing towards the capability of the Indian Demand and Supply chain.


The idea Local ke liye Vocal was a must needed step, both for the economy and the market. Modi encouraged people to not only use domestic products but also be vocal about their marketing. He said that all the global brands were once local and became big because of the support of people. Similarly, India should lead the way and support their local products.


Make in India and the Government boosting start-ups in the country try is another such example of the Modi Government trying to revive the process of manufacturing of domestic products in India. The revival of the Khadi and Handloom industry has brought in the change that was needed for India to go Swadeshi and local as Gandhi did during the Swadeshi Movement, that was the beginning of Khadi. Local pe Vocal will take this forward and bring back Swadeshi 2.0 for India to contribute nationally and globally.

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