Leadership lessons CEO's should learn from Israel

Israel is a country in the Middle East. On the coast of the Mediterranean Sea surrounded by Arab nations with a majority of Jewish population. Now here is a point worthy of discussion. How is a country with a population of barely 90 Lakh citizens (including the Palestinian refugees) able to survive in the middle east, where it is surrounded by Arab nations all around. 


Not only is Israel surviving but also thriving, and has kept all the conflict in the middle east at a bay. Israel is surrounded by Iraq, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt most of which have serious problems going on internally. But if one is to walk on the streets of Tel Aviv it seems no less than a free and happy Manhattan. 

 Now many who are well versed with international politics might argue that Israel stands firm because of support from the United States of America. 

Which in many ways is true. But America it would not support Israel if it had got nothing to gain from it. Israel dominates the middle east in many ways and influences global politics. 


ObserveNow brings to you a few things leaders can learn from this country as a whole, for the healthy growth of their organizations. 


1-  Teamwork-Israel has taught the world that teamwork can help you achieve the impossible. In 1948 when Israel got its independence the entire Arab world was very angry, that Jews now had their own country and Palestine had to share the land with them. Arab world (Egypt, Iraq, Jordan & Syria) declared war on Israel. But with the help of excellent teamwork and coordination, Israel defeated all of the countries combined together in 6 days.


2-  Strength-It not only takes efforts but also a major strength to be the only Jewish settlement in the Middle East and still be the most powerful one to influence the politics in the region. A thriving Israel is a realist example that Strength can help your organization sustain through thick and thin. 


3-  Unity-All the citizens in the country are extremely unified and have a high sense of loyalty. At the age of 18, it is compulsory for every citizen in Israel to join the army. This unites them strongly which is very important. 90 lakh Israeli’s Vs Millions of Arabs in the middle east. Tells the world that united you stand and divided you fall. 


4-   Innovation- Be it any sphere of life, innovation is the way forward to success. And Israel proves that. In the 1948 Arab Israeli war (also known as the six days’ war) one of the main reason for Israel’s heroic win was their innovative military strategy. They conducted preemptive strikes on the enemy which was an element of surprise and innovation for the world. And the result is history. 


5-   Motivation- The IDF soldiers have always been highly motivated by their leaders. Because for them failure is not an option. They are limited in number so they need to act smarter. A failure would mean that the state of Israel would cease to exist. Israel has always cared for its army and valued every single soldier. Which has made them strong enough to defeat the Arabs. An important tip for all the CEO’s out there.  


Note- ObserveNow in no way supports the actions of Israel in terms of the atrocities committed on Palestinians. This story is just another perspective on a few admirable qualities of the country. ObserveNow openly supports a Free Palestine. 




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