Japan's Central Bank has a female Executive Director in 138 years

Central bank of japan appoints its first-ever female executive director in the history of 138 years of Central Bank.

 Tokiko Shimizu becomes the first female holding managerial post in the bank of japan. Her appointment comes out as a result of Bank’s efforts to diversify its personnel.

Tokiku Shizimu at 55 years of age, is the only female executive director among six other  male executive  directors. She has 33 years of working experience with Bank of japan as she joined the bank in 1987. She’s is a expertise in financial divisions and in foreign exchange operations. She also served as general manager for Europe and Chief representative in London from 2016 to 2018.
Bank of Japan never had a female governor in his history. 

Out of an overall staff of the bank of Japan,47% of staff constitutes women among which 13% of women holds managerial  posts.  Also, there’s  only one woman in the bank’s  nine-member board. Takako Masai who takes key managerial  decisions.

Growing participation of women in corporate affairs is Changing the picture of the male dominated management structure of Japan.  

Picture Credit- CNN 
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