Is Vladimir Putin the new father of Russia?

In a move that has got many thinking about the implications, Russian President Vladimir Putin has proposed sweeping constitutional changes in the country. The changes saw the PM and the entire government resigning.  This is being looked at as an attempt for Putin to carve out a father of the nation's role in the country and extend his hold on power. 


What happened? 

Russian PM Dimitry Medvedev resigned from his position after 8 years of serving in the government, to give Putin room to carry out changes he wants to make. Putin has proposed a number of parliamentary amendments and proposed a referendum on amending Russia’s constitution.:


§  Transferring more power to parliament by allowing lawmakers to name prime ministers and cabinet members (currently the president makes these appointments)

§  Amending how heads of security agencies are appointed to allow the president to decide after consulting the Federation Council (the upper house of Russia's Federal Assembly)

§  "Enshrining" the State Council, a body that advises the president

§  Lifting the residency requirements for presidential candidates from 10 years to 25

§  Preventing presidential candidates who have held a foreign residency in the past, not just at election time

§  Allowing the Russian constitutional court to review whether laws comply with the constitution before the president signs them

§  Preventing international law from being prioritized over Russian law

§  Prohibiting civil servants from holding foreign citizenship

§  Adding a provision to keep minimum wage and pensions above the poverty line


Why Now? 


It is believed that Putin is trying to make a number of political reforms before the end of his presidential term in 2024. As per the Russian constitution, an elected President can only stay in power for 2 consecutive terms, and he is currently in office for a second time. With this move, Putin is trying to create a power balance between the President and PM so as to maybe create a role for himself in 2024 that continues to provide him security and relevance. 

Putin said the measures would "increase the role of parliament and parliamentary parties, powers and independence of the prime minister and all cabinet members ".



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