India is way ahead of US and Europe in Mobile Tech space: CEO Mobilox

A company that helps businesses to improve their mobile presence and marketing strategies. Mobilox has been conceptualized as the first Mobile tech company in India with a vision of getting mobile as a media, its due credit.


ObserveNow spoke to Abhijit Saxena, CEO of Mobilox to understand how the company is growing, their cost-effective and innovative techniques to provide mobile-first solutions and their future plans. 

Edited excerpts from his interview; 

Q- Your venture Mobilox technologies have done pretty well since it began, what innovations are you bringing into it now? 


Mobilox has quite a few firsts to its credit. We were the first ones to introduce missed call voting on any TV channel with some of the programmes on Zee. We were the first ones to provide live voting. Again Mobilox started the trend of video content apps for various channels. Apart from this, the mobilox team is the one which started the SMS alerts for financial transactions with ICICI following which RBI mandated it. Now we are focusing on not only data creation but also on data retention and data intelligence. 

Q- How much is there to explore in the digital space today? And how much of it do you wish to capture through Mobilox? 


The digital space is just too large. I do not want Mobilox customers and other companies to be bogged down with its potential. But it is important to take baby steps so that these companies can be a significant player in the digital space. All interactions are going to go digital soon which means that companies need to have their presence so that they can map their customer footprints. At Mobilox it is our endeavour to ensure that our customers are ready to explore the digital benefits smartly.


Q- How does your company Mobilox provide cost-effectively & innovative mobile solution?


Mobilox is not just a pure technology company. It is focused on creating the right solutions for clients. Clients always struggle to find the right solution to their problems. That is exactly the core competence of Mobilox backed by a superb technology team to make the solutions workable.


Q- Where do you think India currently stands in the Mobile internet technology segment? 


India is at the forefront of mobile technology. In fact, it is way ahead in many aspects than the US and European countries. India is not just focused on apps but has also very effectively used SMS and voice platforms for innovative solutions which are not available in any other country. With the strong technology backbone, India will continue to drive innovations.


Q- What is your vision 2025? 


My vision is to help the smallest of companies to be able to take benefit of data. I will create solutions and products for every company to be able to drive their business better with strong data backing!


Q- One message you want to give to young aspiring start-ups?


There are just two simple paths

1. There is definitely a better way to do something being done today!

2. Think of any problem around you and there is a million dollar idea hidden in it! 

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