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If you are a start-up looking for a working space along with some guidance in the times of Start-up India, ObserveNow has found the perfect destination for you. Located in the heart of Gurugram in DLF Cybercity is a Co-Working space called Huddle. 

Huddle, founded by Sanil Sachar and Ishaan Khosla is an exclusive 60 workstation co-working space that brings together start-ups from various sectors and guides them in this race to become industry leaders in their domain. 


In an exclusive interview with ObserveNow Co-Founder, Sanil Sachar talks about his unique idea, his expansion plans and how his company plans to disrupt the co-working space segment in India. 


Edited Excerpts from his interview. 


Q- What was the idea behind Huddle? How and when did it come to action? 


Before Huddle came into formation, there were signs of it a couple of years back, as both Ishaan and I dabbled into the world of entrepreneurship from early on. We’ve been a part of new and growing ventures and were guided through experts, several who were team members, and even competitors. Little did we know these guides were core mentors through each curve, hindrance, and growth. 


It was in November 2017, when we opened our doors for incubation with a core focus of providing each venture a dedicated mentor, as part of a Huddle mentor pool which is extremely rich in expertise and has grown across sectors, numbers, and geographies. 



Q- How long have you been active, and what are the milestones you have achieved so far? 


Since opening our doors to the start-up ecosystem in November 2017. Huddle has now four different business arms, which offer services to start-ups at different stages. They are incubation, fund-raising support through investment bankers, co-working and open innovation with corporates. 


From starting as a co-working space that would house incubates, these four functions were created to further provide contextual support to our ventures at each stage of their cycle. 


As an incubator, we are proud to have 14 start-ups as part of our portfolio, across sectors that are health-tech and services, education, sports, the blockchain, F&B, to name a few. 


The biggest milestone for us has been to see them being able to start and create strong businesses from their ventures ideas, and we see huge potential in this methodology to continue expanding our Huddle with start-ups. 


Q- How does one get himself/herself enrolled for mentorship at huddle? 


Start-ups can simply apply to Huddle from our website and the following link. Within 72 hours they will hear back from a team member for their follow on meeting. 


We onboard companies impromptu, as the demand for a start-ups growth, is erratic and therefore, we keep our applications open each day to evaluate the next start-up with whom we can work and build. 





Q-In you Pan India expansion strategy which all cities are you planning to cover? 


We are working with start-ups and incubating them in cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Gandhinagar, Kerela, Hyderabad, apart from Delhi NCR. 


Our aim is to work with any exciting venture we see we can support, despite the geography. 


In order to do so, we have even started providing co-working spaces support with our incubation assistance, which enables any co-worker in their space to get access to Huddles’ process of onboarding, providing a dedicated mentor and working with the company. 


Q- With a Unique concept like Huddle how do you plan to disrupt the market for Co-Working spaces in India? 


Our goal is to support more co-working providers with incubation support. There are several players in this space with their unique attributes, and we are certain pairing our strengths with the right co-working spaces will create a more meaningful impact in the ecosystem. This is why we often interact and endorse our conversations with fellow co-working spaces in the country. 


Q- Tell us about your partnership with LPU and how you plan to impact young budding talent who has a knack for entrepreneurship?


Talent is brewing pan India and it doesn’t have an age limit. In order to tap in from an early stage, we partnered with institutions like LPU, who have a rich pool of budding entrepreneurs. With such institutions, we have methods of working with students just before they are ready to get incubated as well. Within our processes, we have created tools to do so and are constantly looking to support institutions in order for them to leverage in the same way, simply because as stats show us, we don’t need to wait to graduate in order to get started. 


Q- Why is it called HUDDLE?


In a Huddle, each and every person next to you is necessary and plays a vital role. This has been our mission from day one while growing start-ups and working closely in Huddle creates further strength and bond. 

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