How to manage contingent workforce: A Randstad insight

As a part of Randstad’s talent management series, Randstad India hosted an interactive session on the role of HR & Procurement in managing a contingent workforce. The session shed light on the two most important functions of an organization- HR & Procurement and how if the two worked in sync would lead to benefit the organization as a whole in achieving their ultimate goals. 


The session began with an interesting anecdote from Paul Dupuis, MD& CEO Randstad India, he opened the session by saying “Like India vs Pakistan in cricket, Canada vs the USA in ice hockey its HR Vs procurement at the workplace.” 


HR and Procurement 


As per HR experts by 2025, 10 percent of the overall workforce would be working as a contingent workforce in India. However, studies reveal that most companies in India lack the strategy, culture, and solutions to manage and engage the contingent workforce. In the discussion, HR and Procurement heads of 19 companies participated and discussed how a gap between these two departments can negatively impact the organizations. 


Gaurav Singh, Director, Strategic Procurement, Lowe’s Companies Inc. said- “Build, operate and transfer is the new emerging trend.” 

Replying to his comment Alexander Rinku, Director HR, Oracle said: “ Every individual being hired needs to be valued.” 


“Academy-industry connect is vital,” said Bardish Panikesri Strategic Sourcing Manager, VMWare. 


Others who joined the discussion were HR and procurement leaders of companies like Flipkart, Knolscape, Drivezy, Adobe, etc. 



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