How to kill a man in cyberspace?

In this 21st century, we are surrounded by a number of computerized gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc. In the coming few years the internet of things will be there which will further increase the involvement of technology in our daily life. 

Now just imagine you are working in your office or home and someone sitting far away from your place watching you through the webcams of your laptop and smartphones. Scary? 

Now let me discuss a case with you all, there is a dark web on the internet where you can actually hire a killer to kill someone. From some investigation, we came to know that these criminals hacked into the webcams of victims and tracked their daily activities like at what time they work in their office when they reach their home as people use to have webcams on doors also and then what they do in their home. They monitor each and every member of your family through the cams of your laptop and smartphones. when you know a person well it's very easy to exploit and kill that person and that's what they did, killed that person that too so smartly that blame goes to one of his colleagues. 

why they shifted the blame you can think they can just kill and go, because they were paid for this also. 

This small incident is mentioned just to tell you it doesn't matter if you are from a technical background or not you need to know little about cybersecurity. Just like everyone knows about the banking system because its important as you keep your money earned by hard work in the same way one should know little about cybersecurity too. 

The cybercrime is happening at a very alarming rate, if I talk about this year only on 29 April 2019 a doctor was fooled to pay 2.62 lakh while shopping online as reported by Times of India On 9 may 2019 a man has dumped of Rs 1 lakh in online fraud. On May 15, 2019, a Pune man elderly dumped Rs 40,000 in online fraud as reported by many media organizations.

So you can see the frequency of such fraud is high so how people can remain secure, as you all can see even after such frauds are there in media still people are falling in such things. 

What can spark a change? 

We can only stop this by making people aware as much as possible, there is a need of proper “cyber journalism “ in the country, what I mean to say is for example when on 29 April one doctor who was fooled to pay 2.62 lakh rupees came in news we should immediately run an awareness campaign for that through the help of media houses and should not only report the 

incident but we should also mention how they can be secure in a proper way and in a layman’s language so that normal people of the country no matter technical or non-technical should understand. Every scam is done using social engineering skills like a fake call posing to be someone else or a fake website asking you your bank details etc, hackers make this kind of story and site in such an effective way that it’s very difficult for a normal people to catch them. 

Another important thing that needs to be understood is the importance of cybersecurity protection on the firewalls of a common man using digital media. India at present has no bulletproof laws for cybersecurity nor do we have digital security companies that are working on the protection of the gadgets of a common man. A common man today is extremely vulnerable and can be connected, spied on, looted or even killed by a 9thgrade hacker by downloading a simple tool off the internet. 

Digital Wars

Digital wars are the next big thing that is silently hitting the digital ecosystem and will, in turn, cause long term damage. Professional hackers today have the ability to hack into secure top-secret government systems online. Of- course these files are heavily protected by cybersecurity agencies but there are ways to beat that too. There are predictions by experts that say the Third World war will be fought online. The cyber-world is abundant just like the universe, no one knows the end of it. Its vast and we don’t even fully realize its potential yet. And there is a very little percentage of people or data online which is protected. That too of big corporate giants. The common man is still vulnerable and can only save himself by following a few practices.  

 How to remain safe in Cyberspace- Users Manual  

1-    Never click on unidentified links which claim offers. 

2-    Do not share your credit/debit card info with anyone. 

3-    Do not save your card information on your devices. 

4-    Have separate passwords for all your social media accounts. 

5-   Clear your web history from time to time. 

6-   Do not accept cookies from any websites. 

7-   Make travel bookings on incognito mode. 

8-   Keep your webcam off at all times except when required. 

9-   Keep your gadgets as far away as you can from you when not in use. 

10-Keep a substantial amount of cash at home for emergencies. 

Author- Mudit Sinha, Computer Science Engineer, LPU 


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