How to find your spirit guide?

Whenever we are feeling low in life or something does not happen as per our plan everyone always tells us- Not to worry the universe has a plan for you. Your guardian angel is protecting you. This is the plan laid out by your protector. And all we do is- accept it as our destiny and move on. And many of dismissing it like a grandma tale and refuse to acknowledge its power. 

What if I told you there is a way you can not only can find your spirit guide but also communicate with them and use their psychic powers to lead the life of your dreams. 


ObserveNow brings to you 5 steps to find your spirit guide, communicate with them and change your life forever. 


1-    Believe-This is the first step in contacting your spirit guide. Believe you can speak with them, contact them and use their guidance to find your life’s purpose and walk on the path. Say it out loud many times to yourself and in front of a mirror. Affirmation will lay a strong foundation stone for the process. 

2-    Crystals-Crystals are tools for meditation, healing, as well as contacting your spirit guides. The best thing is to do a bit of research and find out which stone/crystal is the best for you or use your birthstone.  Crystals have high energies and properties to attract other forms of energy. In this case, a purple Fluorite is the best one to make psychic contact. 

3-    Grounding and Protection-It is very important to understand meditation has varied purposes and ways. While some forms of meditation are used for spiritual contact others can be used for clearing thoughts, calming self. If you are doing a lot of spiritual work it is important to keep yourself grounded by doing Root chakra meditation, and grounding meditation regularly. Psychic protection is valuable when you are opening yourself to the spiritual realms. 

4-    Meditate-Meditation is a tool and a medium for you to clear out your mind of all the negative thoughts and focus on the idea for communication to the other realm. Sit in a quiet space comfortably and light two candles in front of you. Close your eyes and chant OM 20 times. Ask the divine for protection from any form of negative energy to enter your meditative space. 

5-    Make Contact-This is the final step, reach out to your spirit guide verbally. Ask him or her to show their presence, and bless you. 

Say it out loud- "I now call upon my spirit guide to reach out to me and help me understand my purpose in life, I call upon you to guide me and protect me in this process like you always have. I banish any form of negative energy to enter this space. I only want to contact my guardian angel."

Repeat it a few times. Contact might not happen at once but you can keep the process going till you feel comfortable. Sense the energy in the room keep doing it till it’s positive. In case of no contact end the session with a prayer.  


Note-Spiritual contact and meditation can take years of practice and requires patience. It won’t happen on the first day. So, keep your hopes high, thoughts clear, be affirmative, positive and keep trying until you are ready to elevate yourself to the spiritual realm. 

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Taniya Tikoo

Editor-in-Chief & Co-Founder at ObserveNow. A Mountain girl using the power of words to change the world.

I dream to wake up to a world where I see a thriving Kashmir, a free Palestine and a Free Tibet 

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