How 5G will add $900 billion to APAC Economy?

As per a recent report by GSMA(Global Systems for Mobile Communication) 5 G will contribute to about $900 billion dollars to the APAC (Asia Pacific Region) by 2034. 


Between 2019-2025, Asia’s mobile operators are set to invest $370 billion dollars in order to build out new 5G networks, according to the latest GSMA report released in the Mobile Congress event in Shanghai earlier this month. 


“Although 4G still has plenty of headroom for growth across Asia, operators in the region are now investing billions in building out advanced 5 G networks that are facilitating an array of new services for consumers and driving economic growth,” said Mats Granryd, director General GSMA. 


World’s first nationwide 5G networks have already gone live in South Korea, earlier this year and it is anticipated that 25 APAC markets will have launched 5G by 2025. 


It is anticipated that in India only 7 per cent of mobile connections will be running on 5 G networks by 2025. 


Almost all new 5G subscribers in the region will come from six countries- India, China, Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Philippines. 


Mobile technologies in the APAC region have so far contributed to $1.6 trillion dollar of economic value. It is expected to surpass $1.9 trillion only by 2023 with the rolling of 5 G networks.

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