Hokart; Revolutionising How Indian Vendors Work

Bangalore-based start-up; Hokart is helping Indian street vendors to gain their lost business, especially due to fewer walk-ins due to Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns.  

The start-up provides a platform to street vendors which helps them to have access to digital commerce and provides them with a quality supply chain and infrastructure. The start-up has registered around 160 vendors on its platform.


The start-up introduces the online market to vendors which was never explored by them. It also helps them to be more discoverable to end consumers and provides knowledge of providing hygienic food in the market which was never taken care of before.

Hokart has also mentioned that street vendors do an approximate business of $1.7 billion on a daily basis, having around 10 million street vendors. It helps vendors get licences, product catalogues, accounting solutions, and other such solutions, helping them conduct online business.

Dr. Aakanksha Chaudhary, one of the founders says, “We observed that most vendors have to haul their equipment and infrastructure to a selling point to make sales each day. They spend almost 40-50 minutes setting up the store and have to carry the equipment each day, adding to transportation costs. It is a strenuous task, one that can be simplified or eliminated,”

Hokart aims to solve all the problems faced by street vendors of India, so that they can focus on food preparation. This not only helps vendors in saving time and money, but also helps them to cater to a larger audience with minimal cost.

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