HR today is a very dynamic profession: Subhankar Gosh, Chief People Officer Zoom Insurance


While many HR leaders struggle to keep a perfect balance in their organization and supporting the business some have their agendas, and goals very clear. One of them is Subhankar Gosh, the Chief People Officer at Zoom Insurance Pvt Ltd. Being the people’s leader he makes sure he maintains a connection with all his employees, helps them to align with the company goals and also makes sure all the members of his teams are constantly updated and skilled as per the latest HR trends in the world. 


In an exclusive interview with ObserveNowGosh talks about his best HR practices, the most difficult thing about being an HR leader and debunks the biggest HR-related myths. 


Edited Excerpts from his interview:  


Q- Briefly take us through your HR journey so far? 

I started my career in sales and operations, later almost 6.5 years whilst my time in ICICI Prudential I got an opportunity through IGP(Internal Job Posting) to come into the HR fraternity. 

After that, I was handpicked for a company called Muthoot Fin Corp where I was handling the company’s HR function for North India. I opened up about 300 plus branches in Northern India. Then for a brief period, I worked with ABP news network as the Head of HR. Currently, I am working with India’s leading Insurance company- Zoom Insurance Pvt Ltd.  


Q- What is the biggest HR-related myth or misconception that surrounds your job profile?  

One of the biggest HR myths is that HR leaders are often just sitting with their laptops in a cabin and just issuing offer letters or taking disciplinary actions. But nowadays the role of an HR is very different. An HR Head is more like a business partner. They work hand-in-hand with the business teams. If an HR works in an isolated fashion, I think they will not be able to do justice to the organization.  

HR today has a better understanding of the business. If as an HR, you understand the business and its need. You will be able to work as a complete People Management Person. People should not consider this to be a sitting job.  

HR has to keep a watch on everything that is happening inside, as well as outside the company. Tracking everything is very important. They need to keep their policies aligned with what is happening in outside and constantly find newer ways of capturing the market.  HR Today is a very dynamic profession.


Q- How do you maintain a professional personal relationship with all your employees in order to align with company goals?  

It is definitely a difficult task, maintaining a balance among all your employees is not easy. Sometimes you will have to soft and empathetic and understand people.  

But when it comes to task and performance you have to be hard also. I strongly believe that appreciation has to be done in public and rebuke in isolation. Guiding employees at the right time is very important. At times your employees require personal attention also. 


Q- Which sectors are going to see a rise in job opportunities?  

The biggest rise we would see in jobs related to AI (Artificial Intelligence), Data Analytics, and of course sales, it is a contemporary one and will be there forever.  If you are not skilled in these segments, then it’s time to upskill yourself as early as possible. 


Q- Three tips to students who want to make a career in the HR industry?  

There is a lot of scope in the HR industry right now. There is a dearth of talent and a dearth of leadership as well. HR has to work in sync with the organizational goals while keeping in mind what the individual wants. Basically, an HR leader has to be a helping hand for employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Three tips for success in HR; 


·     Improve your listening skills. 

·     Improve your analytical skills.

·     Have control over their judgmental power. 


Q- How is Zoom insurance keeping itself updated with the changing HR scenarios in India as well as the world? 

We have got functional training as well as soft skills training. Through small group and large group workshops, we try to upskill the candidate’s skills and from there we keep monitoring the improvements in their works from time to time. And whatever new skills are required to do the job better we focus on that.  


Q- What is the most difficult thing about being an HR Leader?  

There come times when you have to take very difficult or harsh calls and judgments based on performances. So the key is to give some decent time and thought to the decisions you are making, re-think it before you come to the final conclusion. 


Q- How has the definition of Employee Engagement changed now?  

Earlier when we spoke about engagement earlier people spoke about celebrating festivals or some kind of cake cutting ceremony. But today the definition of engagement has changed a lot.  

The way you engage has also changed a lot. Nowadays engagement can be both formal and informal. I have practised both the things- formally and informally.  

Through very informed ways I have called for meetings. I have called for leaders and engaged with their leaders and had both of them on the same platform and made them understand each other's views.


Q- And how does it look in the future?

Even in informal ways over a cup of tea or coffee, I have tried to understand their mindsets.  Engagement basically means how loyal you are to the organization. How you are thinking about the organization. It is like a marriage to the organization. It means how aligned you are to the organization.  

How well your personal goals fit in with the organization’s goals. And this can only happen through engagement. Engagement today can be through digital platforms as well. This is a practice followed by many organizations today.  

At Zoom, we also have a digital platform called Twidle. It is like an internal Facebook for the organization. Here we keep on publishing a lot of news and information for the employees. And employees can also share what they like on the platform. We use the platform to appreciate people as well. So small things like this can create a huge impact. 

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