HR Trends for 2019 - Margret D'Souza, HR Head Zeta

Focus on Diversity and Inclusion


Diversity and Inclusion will be one of the top focus areas as we usher in the new year. With the ruling in favour of the LGBT community, India now falls in the category of progressive and forward thinking countries. Having said this, is India Inc ready for this change?. Most of the programs today largely focus on achieving gender equality, around hiring and nurturing women talent. We need to broaden the scope to focus on People with Disability (PWD) and LGBT communities. We need to focus our efforts on creating an environment which is safe, respectful space for employees, and enable a work environment where everyone can bring their whole and best selves to work.


Every organization will face the risk of disruption, that being said, the best way for us to safeguard our self is by making sure that our organization has the ability to look at every issue from different perspectives, rather than just have one perspective that comes from the same backgrounds, same experiences and will mostly have the same viewpoints. 

Focus on AI in HR


We are in a day and age where we have Siri in our pockets and Alexa in our homes, but what about Artificial Intelligence in the workplace? Professionals around the globe have started pursuing new technology to help them increase their personal productivity by letting AI take care of the day’s most mundane tasks. This year we moved a step closer to leveraging tech in HR. Every single debate, forum or conference focused on the need and rise of AI and Analytics. HR software providers now focus on AI and Analytics capabilities as a differentiating factor. They have moved on from mere dashboards, reporting to bots, applications that help in various processes. It’s not only the hi-tech sector that will move first and adopt this, but other industries are also seeing merit in this. 

Focus on Health and Well Being

Employees today experience a lot of stress both emotionally and physically with the growing expectations from the workplace. They are constantly trying to excel, grow faster. This, in turn, has led to increasing in burnout, various stages of depression, sick time. While the focus on well being as always been around, budgeting for these initiatives have always been a topic of debate. It was hard to capture data to determine the impact of various initiatives. This mindset has largely changed over the last 2 years. Thanks to technology and the ability to process data in real time, well being now features in the top priority bucket. This space is still evolving, there are interesting and unique approaches to increasing well being. Example - tying wellness points to insurance premiums, leader boards for encouraging teams to work together to increase the well being of the team as a whole.

The following article has been penned down by Ms Margret D'Souza, HR Head Zeta. 

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