Google’s Inbox app to shut down

On the 2ndof April, tech giant Google is shutting down its email app Inbox which gave users options like advanced filtering, message snoozing, and a better visual organization. 


Google had hinted early last year about shutting down the app but has given the deadline for the same just a little while back. 

As per a report in Google has said  “Inbox' is shutting down. We are saying goodbye to 'Inbox' at the end of March 2019. While we were here, we found a new way to email with ideas like snooze, nudges, smart reply and more.”


“That's why we have brought your favorite features to Gmail to help you get more done," reads the desktop message that pops up while logging into Inbox".


However, an iOS-only email client named ‘Spark will be launched for Android right around the time Google retires Inbox.


Perhaps 'Spark' will be able to fill a void that will be left by 'Inbox', claims Google. 


 Earlier this week, Google also announced that it is going to close Google+ in the coming months, seven years after it was launched as a social networking site of its own name brand.

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