Gameskraft: A startup that aims to disrupt the fantasy gaming segment in India

Meet Gameskraft, an online gaming company that delivers web and mobile-based intuitive designs for seamless user experience. Offering innovative web-based and mobile games that are differentiated by their transparency and user-centricity.

 Incepted in June 2017, Gameskraft started its journey with Rummyculture which saw a huge success with one million users participating in the game via website and app. Currently, they are planning to enter in the fantasy league gaming genre. 

In an exclusive interview with ObserveNow Prithvi Singh, Founder and CTO at Gameskraft talks about the idea behind the company, its USP, and India’s positioning in the gaming industry. 


Edited Excerpts from his interview:



Q- What was the idea behind starting up Gameskraft? What kind of gaming is the company into?

I began showing interest in video games from quite a young age. Especially, during my college years, computer games were a major source of entertainment for me. Hence, when I planned on starting my own venture, the idea of launching a gaming company came naturally to me. And, after months of brainstorming and researching about the market trends, Gameskraft was born. I tried many Indian context games during that time and realized that the user interface of those platforms was not up-to-the-mark as compared to the games offered by foreign game-makers. I wanted to address this issue through Gameskraft and its offerings. The main idea was to bring Indian offline games to the online market. 

Equipped with a highly-engaging interface, the games designed by Gameskraft are primarily targetted at Indian consumers. The company is into developing internet-based multiplayer games with reward points for players. We soon plan to foray into the fantasy gaming market through Gamezy, Gameskraft’s latest offering for fantasy cricket enthusiasts.                                                                                                                                                                                         

Q- How Artificially intelligent are your games?  

We have leveraged data-driven technology to design, develop and modify our games. For every installation, we collect hundreds of parameters and we map our users’ journey on Gameskraft’s platform. This practice helps us identify not only the features they like the most, but also the areas that require improvement. Prior to the launch of any new game, our in-house data science team analyzes those data to help us build better games with enhanced features. 

Q- What is your USP?

The UPS of Gameskraft lies in the transparency and the user-experience offered by its games. We aim to cater to people residing even in the remotest corners of India. To achieve this, we designed our games in such a way that they are battery-friendly and can work in low-network areas. Besides doing extensive market research, we also make sure to collect feedback from our existing and potential customers. 

Q- How is the gaming market in India right now, is there a [potential for India to be a leader in this field?]

According to a 2018 Cisco report, India will have as many as 800 million smartphone users by 2022. Number don’t lie; with the proliferation of smartphones in the country, the online gaming industry is likely to grow manifold in the coming years. Another factor that has played a pivotal role in fueling the trend of casual gaming is increasing smartphone penetration. While the country has a long way to go, the journey has already begun. Well, looking at the current scenario, I won’t be surprised if India comes a leader in the online gaming industry. 

Q- What is your vision for Gameskraft? What do you plan to achieve? 

My vision for Gameskraft is to establish it as a prominent name in the domestic online gaming sector. Our first game Rummy Culture was a huge hit, with over 1 million users participating in this cash rummy game through its website and app. So, we are looking forward to receiving a similar kind of response for our upcoming fantasy gaming platform Gamezy. In terms of numbers, we expect a 20-30 percent growth in the upcoming months. 


Q- You are planning to enter fantasy league gaming, what do you plan to create in that sector? What innovation will you do?

As I mentioned previously, we have been doing a lot of market research in recent month. For Gamezy, we are looking to provide our customers with a personalized gaming experience. The users will get an opportunity to make more informed decisions while choosing the teams and making the strategies. In addition to all of this, we will be experimenting with different forms of contests on the platform. 

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