Forbidden destinations of the world

Forbidden fruits are the ones we always want to eat. Starting from Adam and Eve the word forbidden has always struck a chord in us that makes us want to do just the opposite. Does that happen to you too? In this bizarre time, we are right now, ObserveNow brings to you a bizarre story about 5 forbidden destinations that might be close to you but you can NEVER visit. Let us know in the comments if adventure junkie in you still give it a try? 


1-   Snake Island Brazil-About 150 km from Sao Paulo, lies this unexplored territory known as the snake island. It is estimated that there are 1-5 poisonous snakes per 10 sq ft. These snakes are so venomous that a simple bite can cause your flesh to disintegrate.  Would the adventure junkie in you still give it a try?


2-  North Sentinel Island, India-On the North Sentinel Island, a small island in the chain of Andaman and Nicobar Islands there live an entire species of humans which has been cut off from the outside world and its advancements. They are a rare tribe protected by the government and no tourist is ever allowed to visit the island. The natives refuse any communication with the outside world and no one really knows what goes on this “planet”. Dare to visit? 

3-  Bohemian Grove, USA-Translation- the super-secret location where all the super-secret meetings between powerful people happen. No one apart from the members is allowed and it is very difficult to say what really happens here behind closed doors. Members include past and US presidents, Businessmen, government officials, etc. Rumor has it that in one such meeting in 1942 at the grove, the atomic bombing of Japan was discussed and decided. Want to apply for membership?


4-  Poveglia, Italy-This island has been described as the most haunted place in Italy. Twisted does not even begin to describe the history of this place. It is said that during the Bubonic plague in Italy in the 14thcentury, this island became the dumping ground for the dead, and mentally ill. A cruel doctor stationed in the asylum performed human experiments on patients. Today the island is forbidden, abandoned and resting ground for tortured souls, and ghosts of Italy’s painful past. Have the guts to pay a visit? 

5-  Vatican Secret Archives, Vatican City-countless secrets of history, religion, politics, extra-terrestrials, exorcisms, demons, Da Vinci are buried deep within the secret vaults of the Vatican. No one is ever allowed to visit these vaults, only highly qualified scholars, with strict permission, reviews, and guides from the church are allowed to pay a visit for work purposes only. Sadly it looks highly unlikely a common man will ever find out what lies hidden here. Dare to find out??


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