Five reasons to worry for BJP in upcoming elections

In 2014 general elections "A Modi Lehar (wave) swept across Indian Politics"         

With BJP securing a full house win in 2014 General Elections. This made PM Narendra Modi the new found hero of Indian Politics. The reasons for his massive win is the trust of people in him for his past track record as Chief Minister of Gujarat and for his words to take India to a new level but over the course of his tenure in the last five years there have been many things that didn’t happen according to the plan and caused major backlash for the ruling party in the centre. Observe Now brings to you 5 reason which will cost Modi Government his position in this year’s general election:


Very Low Job Creation-: For a youth-driven country like India job security is and should be one of the major concerns for any government. .But according to a recent report of NSSO, the Modi government has failed to create a job for Indian youth which other parties are taking it as an opportunity to overpower BJP.


Ayodhya Mandir:  BJP which also categorically identifies itself as Hindu Party has failed to come to a conclusion on the Ram Mandir issue even after coming into the power. This is a major setback for them, especially from Hindu voters.

Communal Image: BJP image as a Hindu party create fear among other religion which helps the other parties to get lead on them with other religions votes. This has also created insecurity among Indian citizen especially for people who follow Islam.


Excessive Promises: Excess of everything is always harmful. But BJP has failed to learn it as they made several promises without checking the feasibility of them and because of that, this government has been labelled “Jumle baaz” government as per the Congress.

Losing grip on Party Leaders: Several party leaders like Shatrughan Sinha, Yashwant Sinha or earlier Navjot Singh Sidhu who are or were strong faces of BJP has now started campaigning against the party and whereas BJP has failed to stop them and this is creating a ruckus within the party. There is famous saying in Hindi “Ghar ka bedhi Lanka Dhaye ”

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