First start up at 8, taking over the world since then - Sanil Sachar

In today’s world, it is more important to create opportunities than to wait and look for them. Among the names of young entrepreneurs and start-up founders of India, one highlight is Sanil Sachar, co-founder, Huddle.


From Bestselling author to Angel Investor

27-year-old Sanil is the co-founder of Gurgaon based incubator Huddle. The idea is to look for start-up solving need-based issues and provide convenient and cost-saving platforms to workers.

A passionate sportsperson, he is also a co-owner of international brand Trusox. Not only this, but Sanil is also one of the few Indian writers to be published in all forms of literature - poems, short stories, scripts, and novels.

His first book, Summer Promises and other poems were published while he was pursuing a BSc (Hons) Sports Business Management from Sheffield Hallam University. 


First start-up and many lessons at 8 

In a column for by Sanil himself, he has talked about how he first started a start-up when he was 8. 

Long story short, Sanil started a DIY Pokèmon Tattoo start-up with his art class partner. During this time, Sanil talks about how he experienced an entrepreneur’s epiphany in the form of - Hiring, Sale, Fundraising, Failure, and Exit when he was only 8 years old.


Sanil Sachar’s work is about being excited and having fun like an 8-year-old. He talks about health, family, and many other things in his various interviews. He is one of the young entrepreneurs who knows his business and is doing it right. 

Sanil means creating opportunities and that’s what the younger generation should look up to. 

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