Fiinovation supports the education of underprivileged children through their CSR initiative - PRAGYAM

Education plays a major role in an individual’s life, it not only sets the foundation of one’s future but also enables and empowers one to make the present better. And this stands especially true for individuals who belong from the underprivileged section of the society.


“I earn between 10-20 rupees a day. I cannot afford food, how will I afford education for my children? ”, says Ramdeen, a rag-picker living in the slums of Faridabad in Haryana. Sarla, another daily wager living in the same locality has a similar story to share, “If we start sending our kids to school then we won’t be able to make our ends meet. They are our extra hands of income”. Fortunately, for these households in the slum areas of Faridabad, PRAGYAM, offers a ray of hope.


PRAGYAM is a primary school that envisages providing quality primary education to the children from the lower strata of society. PRAGYAM is the CSR initiative of Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd (Fiinovation), a leading research and advisory firm in Delhi that offers expertise in the corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability domain. PRAGYAM as an initiative falls under centre for CSR and Sustainability Excellence (CCSE) - Fiinovation’s non-profit foundation. Through the school, Fiinovation intends to provide quality formal and interactive education to children and foster a supportive learning environment for these children.


Fiinovation, motivated by the need to create an environment for inclusive and effective growth at grass-root levels and improving access to quality education, adopted an informal school for underprivileged children. Fiinovation empanelled Jan Parivartan Sanstha, an NGO to implement and manage the on-ground operations of the initiative. As part of its CSR initiative, Fiinovation renamed the informal school as “PRAGYAM - A Centre for Alternative Learning”. The school currently has more than 100 students within the age group of 5 to 14 years and teaches from nursery and till grade 5. Children beyond grade 5 are mainstreamed into the formal education system - they are enrolled in the neighbouring government or private schools.


“It was not an easy journey and most definitely had been a herculean task because, for people living in these slums most of whom are rag pickers and daily wagers, their children are a source of income. They would rather send them to beg or work” said Ms Bhawna Sharma, Principal, PRAGYAM. She further added that “The team at Fiinovation moved every rock in their capacity to mobilize the people and make them send their children to the school. From the last batch of thirteen students, we’ve been able to enrol all thirteen of them in government schools.”


Fiinovation further ensures that a gender-sensitive and inclusive education is provided to children for an enhanced learning experience. When contacted, Dr Soumitro Chakraborty, CEO, Fiinovation said, “PRAGYAM is a step towards rendering educational assistance to the underprivileged children. Through it, we aim to help children from the neglected background and offer them learning/skill enhancing opportunities. We aim to enable and empower them to overcome the socio-economic factors that limit their development.”

Parents of these children are extremely happy that they are able to give their children a learning environment. And they have none but teachers at PRAGYAM and leaders at Fiinovation to thank for it.

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