Elon Musk space Internet network: Starlink

Space X CEO Elon Musk is planning to redefine the way we use the internet across planet earth. Space X is planning to launch a network of 12,000 satellites into earth’s orbit which will provide high-speed internet to all the netizen across the world.   

Musk has said- “The initial service may be running in a year, global service after that and the profitable service after that.” The first batch of 60-speed satellites will be dispatched on 20th May to begin musk space internet ambition. 

The space project labelled Starlink has plans to provide low cost, high speed (up to 10 GBPS) internet to remote areas, moving vehicles, aeroplanes, ships and cars.   All of it will be regulated with a 200 $ pizza box size router in your home. 

Project Starlink will happen in phases but its ultimate goal is to have about 8000 satellites orbiting just 500 km above mother earth and the rest 4000 higher up to a distance of 1,200 km.  

As per Space X’s plans to offer 10 Gbps speed internet to all the internet users across the world it could soon become the largest service provider in the world soon.  

Elon Musk’s deadline for the project is 2027.  If successful this project could further propel the funds for Musk’s ambition to reach the surface of Mars. 

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