Elon Musk Is Making Flying Cars

Internet’s favorite child and the Founder of Tesla and Space X Elon Musk has taken Twitter to announce that he is making ‘Flying cars’. Musk has been hinting about the possibility of flying cars becoming a human reality for years. 


His upcoming model of Tesla, the Roadster will have the ability to fly but very briefly due to the use of Space X tech technology that Musk is bringing to Tesla. The Roadster will have new power thrusters which will give this car and others which may follow in the future, the ability to fly. 


The Tesla Roadster will have a mind-boggling acceleration of 95.6 KM/s in 1.1 sec, Musk has explained in a tweet. Further adding it will be absolutely safe but an intense experience. A prototype of this car is on display at a Museum in Los Angeles and is expected to enter markets by 2022. 

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