Ekincare Presents: Employee wellness at workplace

While it is a well-known fact that Talent acquisition and retention remain vital to a company’s growth. Many pieces of research have now come forward stating that companies today are taking up Employee wellness very seriously and looking at it as a more direct way to impact their life cycle at the organization. A recent survey by WTW suggests that 85 % of Indian organizations today look at Wellness programs at the workplace as a direct and more tangible way to boost engagement. 

"With the same objective in mind to better understand what HR Leaders really think of Employee wellness programs. Ekincare an AI-based integrated health benefits platform and ObserveNow organized an HR Roundtable conference in Bangaluru to understand the impact, needs and changing thought processes directly from industry leaders."

The HR roundtable conference was an hour and half intense power-packed discussion around “Driving Employee Engagement through wellness programs” which saw participation of HR Heads from companies like Oracle, Tata Power, Drivezy, All-State India, Gensler, Tone tag, Syniverse, Tomia Global, Festo, Microland, Mo-engage, Conduent and many more. 

The discussion began by how Employee wellness program drive higher levels of employee retention to which Jitendra Panihar, Chief People Officer Mo Engage replied: “For us as a start-up, it is very important that employees stay longer course, and we believe the healthier the employees are they happier and hence give the best output.” 

Alexander Rinku, Director HR Oracle said: “Employee Wellness is not just a fancy term, it is an important aspect of an employee life cycle at an organization and it should be taken into account.” 

Kiran Kalakuntla, CEO & Founder concluded the discussion saying “Wellness at workplace is an emotion that flows from top to bottom, it is the senior leadership that must first start thinking about it only then can it lead to a successful implementation.”  

Many others present at the forum shared the same vision and believed that Employee wellness initiatives should be taken into consideration not only because it is a corporate policy but because it is important for the overall well-being and growth of an employee as well as an organization. It was a common thought outline at the roundtable that more wellness programs at the workplace result in better work performance as well as employee loyalty. 

Among other participants were Vinay Trivedi, Paul Jacob, Smitha Swamy, Shanty Kokoth, Aditya Pal Singh, Rohit Dodhy, Kiran Lal, Ashwini Kumar, Ashish Niranjan, Darmesh Parmar, Sujitesh Das, Jayantha, Neeraj Kumar, N Ranganathan.  

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