Disney's legendary CEO Bob Iger

Disney recently announced that its , CEO Bob Iger is stepping down immediately. Walt Disney Co has named Bob Chapek as his replacement who was the chairman of Disney’s parks, experiences and product business. Iger is currently contracted to Disney till 31stDec 2021.

During his remaining time at Disney, Iger will spend more time on Disney’s creative endeavors, including ESPN sports network, newly acquired Fox studios, Hulu and Disney Plus streaming services. Commenting on his resignation Iger told reporters he felt the need to make this change at this moment. 

The Legendary CEO 

Iger has been a very successful CEO at Disney and has been responsible for successful purchases of Lucasfilms, marvel, Pixar and other brands. In the last year, the top 5 movies in the US and Canada were all Disney movies.  Iger’s biggest achievement with Disney was the acquisition of Fox Studios in a $71 billion deal and the launch of Disney’s streaming service Disney Plus this November which already has 29 million paid subscribers.

Iger joined Disney in 2005 from ABC when Disney acquired the latter and was responsible for some of the greatest TV shows in American History like ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’, ‘America’s funniest Home Videos’. Under his leadership at Disney, the company’s share grew five times. Iger was the second-highest-paid CEO in 2018 with a total earning of $65.5 million dollars. 

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