Difference in Gender Pay Gap Still Prevails in India

According to ADP's study 'People at Work 2021: A Global Workforce View', only 65% of women received an increase in their pay or bonuses for extra responsibilities given to them when compared with 70% of men, after the Covid - 19 pandemic. Keeping in mind financial gains it is evident how women are left behind in comparison to men in terms of pay.

The pay gap still exists keeping in mind that women were equally active in taking new roles or responsibilities when compared with men.

With an adjustable work environment post covid-19 pandemic, employees still believe that they are being judged on taking advantage of the new flexible working methods.

Keeping in mind that women take maternity leaves, childcare leaves act as a parameter in being given less financial compensation when compared to men.

In unorganised sectors such as agriculture, small businesses, it is observed that women are paid less in comparison to men stating their incapabilities in handling tasks.

Till the time women are not treated equally, not only at the workplace but also within the society, gender pay equality looks like a long-term dream in India to achieve.

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