Corporate Fashion on Wheels: Meet Mumbai based Corporate Collars

If you are working in the corporate world taking time out to get the right outfit stitched can be a daunting task. But Mumbai based fashion store Corporate Collars has that issue resolved for you. 

They have a tailoring unit on wheels that has a fitting service. Launched in 2013 by Harssh Chheda in Mumbai. The service is a one stop solution to all your fashion problems at work. 

The idea is - You fix an appointment, head to the parking area of your home or office. The corporate collar van will arrive at your chosen destination. And all you have to do is choose your fabric, give your measurements and get your shirt stitched in almost 48 hours. The van also offers a personal stylist who helps you choose the right fabric and fit for your body type. They also have a trial room. And the cost goes to about 18—20 K for a suit and 2k plus for a pair of Pants or shirt. 

In an exclusive interview with ObserveNow, Harssh shares the idea behind the company, and how is disrupting the fashion segment in India.  

Edited Excerpts from his interview:


Q1 - Tell our readers about Corporate Collars? And where they can avail the services?

 The conception of Corporate Collars stems from personal experience. I been between sizes all my life and have always found myself struggling to find the accurate fit between a small and medium. We saw a business opportunity and realized the significance of addressing this issue by offering customers with an exclusive choice of bespoke fashion.

 The complete intention behind the outline of this bespoke brand is to give the customer the finest fit for their body type without negotiating on the comfort factor at the same time while accelerating the shopping experience.  Corporate Collars permits you to alter your piece right from, picking up the fabric to the type of collars one would want, and all of this joint with machinery from Italy and Switzerland and threads from Germany along with precise fits so you would not have to settle.

Currently, Corporate Collars have 3 outlets in Mumbai and also offers service of a Mobile store i.e. Tailoring on Wheels that travels across the city. As bespoke attires are designed with finesse and detailed attention, we always aim to be unique in our style be it in terms of quality, style, fittings, timely delivery, the sole focused is to offer customized service to an array of clients.


Q2- Why did you think the corporate market needs a product like this?

 There is a good prospect for tailored menswear in the Indian market. Primarily there had been a gradual shift from tailored to Readymade, but nowadays the on-going trend is heading towards tailored and custom-designed apparels. This is largely for the reason that consumers these days wish to have custom-made choices to look smart and fit. Moreover, the bespoke garment has a larger life than ready to wear one. Every Indian man doesn’t have an ideal readymade body leading to a hassle in scouting for the accurate size to befit the body type. Hence, tailored options have become the go-to option and have a huge scope of growth in the coming years.

 Q3- Is it a one-stop destination for both men and women? How many fabrics and designs can the customers choose from?

Yes, it is a one-stop destination for both men and women. We have got over 3000 options for suits, shirts and trouser from which a client can choose their suitable option. One will definitely find, whatever specifications they must have thought of be it the fabric or the colour they will get it all customized.

 Q4- How old is the company? And how has been the response so far in Mumbai being the hub of corporates?

 Corporate collars was founded in 2013, we are completely overwhelmed by the love, acceptance and positive response that we received from the people of Mumbai. I would say God has been kind and we have no complaints.


Q5- What are your expansion plans? Are you funded or working on a bootstrapped model?

 As a brand, we are looking to escalate our footprints nationally and internationally but in a sustainable manner. Corporate Collars is a bootstrapped and 100% tax-free company. We seek organic growth as a company which we believe will ensue gradually as that’s an idea of a sustainable build-up.


Q6- Give us an idea of how much money a consumer would be saving if we were to choose a Corporate Collar rather than going through the traditional route of shopping?

 Commercially, we cannot comment on what the benchmark is. But we can unequivocally state that anybody shopping at Corporate Collars will be a recurring customer. 

 They would be someone we’ll have a long-term association with exclusively on the basis of the quality of the fabric, product, options, and the range that we proffer. As a brand, the kind of service that we render is something which one cannot encounter often as not many are capable to offer quality service to their customers. 

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