Coronavirus is a wake up call from Mother Earth

Every morning these days we are all waking up to an increasing number of Coronavirus cases across the world. People are dying, the virus is spreading like an epidemic. Literally, our entire lifestyle has come to a sudden halt. Countries have closed their borders, we cant travel, meet our friends, eat or sit in public, work has shifted to home, gyms closed, malls closed. 

Have you ever wondered why this is happening and what this situation is trying to tell us. The universe works in mysterious ways. When we are not aligned to the path designed for us. It has its ways to give us a big jolt and set us straight and make the desired changes. 

Coronavirus is telling us everything we have been doing wrong:  


1-   Reduction in Air Pollution in ChinaAir pollution is responsible for nearly 9 million deaths per year – and much of that comes from fossil fuels. Reductions in air pollution due to Coronavirus likely saved 20 times more lives in China than it took as per Stanford University 

2-   N02 reduction over Italy-In Europe, the European Space Agency (ESA) captured vanishing nitrogen dioxide pollution over Northern Italy as that country entered lockdown. This will also likely contribute to deaths from Air Pollution this year according to the center for Research on Energy and Clean Air. 

3-   Reduction in Mountains of Waste-Coffee chain Starbucks has decided to stop accepting reusable cups from its customers — only serving drinks in disposable single-use cups that are not yet recyclable in a bid to prevent the spread of the virus. There have also been warnings to err toward eating pre-packaged foods, for example at work functions — despite an effort by the European Food Safety. 

4-   Pause on corporate greed- Many companies have now allowed their employees to work from home, and work stress is being reduced drastically. This is only to prove in their greed lust and power for money big conglomerates were only depleting mother earth and its children of time and energy for their personal gains. 


 This is the time to pause, and stop running on the treadmill for a life we somewhere don’t even want but are conditioned to believe is the right thing to do. This is the time for self-realisation, self-development and self-love. Think at this point what do you want, how do you want to live your life. If the world today is so uncertain that within days something so big can happen that it can change the face of the earth. Is the life you have been living so far what you want or what was handed out to you with instruction manuals? 

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Taniya Tikoo

Editor-in-Chief & Co-Founder at ObserveNow. A Mountain girl using the power of words to change the world.

I dream to wake up to a world where I see a thriving Kashmir, a free Palestine and a Free Tibet 

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