Companies with the best paternity policy

Studies show that it is important for new dads to form a bond with their babies, but many working fathers are not able to spend good time with their newborns or adopted children because of work hours and lack of paternity leave. However, in recent years, corporates are changing this mindset that it is only the mother who deserves a long paid for baby care. A lot of major corporates now are offering better benefits to new working mothers and fathers, considering how incredibly crucial paid leaves are. These policies show that organizations all over industries are starting to realize how important it is to support new moms and dads in the transition to parenthood for making sure the happiness and success of their employees and their family. Here are 5 corporate companies with the best paternity policy.  


They are the leading social media platform in today’s era and helps in connecting people, uploading pictures and posting thoughts. It is understood that if they have so many activities to perform, they’d surely be having a large workforce. They offer the new dads of their office a paid leave of 4 months which can be withdrawn anytime in the first year whether the case of birth or adoption


Being the largest soft drink and beverage company, Coca-Cola has been able to capture the market through it’s business. They grant new dads in non-collective-bargaining positions of their company a paid leave for 6 weeks when welcoming a child through birth, adoption or foster care.

Levi Strauss and Co.

One of the largest apparel companies globally, specializing in Jeans. They understand the value of family and offer a paid leave for up to 8 weeks to their employees in case of birth, adoption or foster care. All the new parents are eligible for the policy benefit. 

Johnson and Johnson 

They are multinational inventors and suppliers of medicine, pharma, and consumer packaged goods. They give their employees 8 weeks of paid leave and over to that allows leave with no salary cut in case the parent wants to spend some extra time with the child.


A multinational media company specializing in video streaming has become the major source of entertainment amongst all the ages and groups. It has shown its generosity and offers up to a year of paid paternal leave to its companies new dada so that they can fund their child well along with their special time.

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