Communication is key to managing millennials: Experts discuss at VEGA HR Roundtable

VEGA-HR  a US-based cloud-based HRMS that helps manage and perform all the tasks of HR professionals from 'hire to retire' founded by  Chetan Alsisaria, Ajay Goenka and Amit Kumar, in association with ObserveNow hosted a roundtable discussion on “Managing Human capital within the organization” recently in  Gurugram. 

HR Heads from top companies in Delhi-NCR participated in the discussion to share their insights on successful HCM and building a dream team. 


The theme for the roundtable was in sync with ‘Talent Acquisition and Talent Management'. Many HR leaders agreed to the fact that talent management, talent retention and hiring the right kind of Human Capital were the key elements to build a dream team in order to achieve the goals of the organizations. 


Saswati Sinha, HR Head, Cheil India lay focus on dealing with millennials at the workplace. “Millennials are more goal-driven and focussed than many would like to believe. The way to get the best output out of them is to keep communicating with them.” 


Shalini Kohli, HR Head, Lawrbit discussed the importance of background check of the employee before hiring. 


“It is very important to do a ref check of the person you are hiring via social media accounts. This way you really know who you are dealing with. It definitely helps in the long run.” 


HR Heads from companies like Aegis, Fiserve, Mahale Group, cybersecurity expert Lucideus, Spectra were also present at the discussion and shared their insights on developing talent and talent strategies for 2020. 


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