Canon is a One Stop Destination for all your DMS Needs: Experts Discuss at ObserveNow Webinar

In one of a kind conference organized by Canon India, the company brought to light the need for a New Age DMS (Document Management System) in a post-Covid World. The idea behind the conference was to bring in thought leaders from the CIO community and understand from them the challenges, opportunities of creating ad DMS ecosystem that enables enterprises to create, collaborate, share, transform, and leverage. 

 The global move to remote work amid Covid-19 was a dynamic change in which we work. To maintain productivity it has pushed organizations to take a hard look at their DMS and created a demand to refine them. 

According to a recent report, 74% of CTO’s surveyed expect a portion of their employees to continue WFH post the pandemic. For employees to access and share files and documents remotely, but those files must be both digitized and readily available to access to improve productivity. The discussion threw light on these aspects and How Canon is a game-changer in creating efficient DMS.  Experts also discussed trends that has seen an Uptick since the Pandemic Is the Organizations’ Need to Invest in Digitization Solutions. Need for DMS to be On-premises or on a Cloud. By the end of the power-packed conference, all the experts agreed that now is the time to make a move towards a new-age DMS ecosystem powered by Canon. Some of the experts who participated in the discussion:

 Speakers :

·Arpita Das, Director IT, Kohler

·Bhagat Singh, Head IT, B9 Beverages

·Srinivasa Reddy, Global Head IT, Granules

·Smruti Ranjan Parida , Head System & IT ,  Adani Group      

·Satish Kumar, IT Leader India Operation, Foxlink Technical India

·Dr Birendra Singh, President, Mankind Pharma

·Satbeer Singh,  IT Field Service Regional Manager, Rockwell Automation

·Atul Suri , Vice President & SBU Head , Alembic Pharma Ltd 

·Krishanu R , Vice President , Edelweiss Financial Service Limited 

·Amarjeet Singh Cheema , Associate Director, C-DAC 

·Jaspreet Singh , Assistant Director- Marketing, Canon India

The idea behind organizing this conference was for Canon to understand the pulse of the industry and their ever-evolving needs post the pandemic. Experts echoed similar sentiments at the end of the discussion saying Canon is a one-stop destination for all your DMS needs today. 

You can view the Conference Here: 


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