Britons to pay for visa-free travel to EU after Brexit

British travellers will have to pay 7 euros ($7.91) for a three-year pre-travel authorisation to visit the EU after Brexit.

Natasha Bertaud, a spokeswoman for Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission's president, confirmed on Friday that British visitors to the EU will need to pay the fee for a visa waiver under the new (ETIAS).

The waiver will apply if the two sides agree on a Brexit deal before the UK leaves the bloc on March 29, 2019.

But if the UK crashes out of the bloc without an agreement to mitigate ensuing disruptions, Britons could require visas to travel to the EU in the future, Bertaud said. 

The ETIAS system, due to come into force in 2021, is aimed at beefing up the bloc's security. Under the Brexit deal, ETIAS would start applying to the UK when its post-Brexit transition period ends in 2020.

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