Baillie Gifford & Co invests additional 30 million dollars in Tesla

At the time when Tesla has released all its patents to the world, another big news is coming from the tech giant. Recently CNBC reported a filing that reveals UK based company Baillie Gifford & Co. has upped its stake in the electric automaker and energy storage device company.

Baillie Gifford & Co. also happens to be the second largest shareholder of Tesla, while Elon Musk with 20% shares being the largest shareholder. A recent filing posted on Friday shows that Baillie Gifford has increased its stake from 7.64 % to 7.71% at the end of the third quarter. Although it sounds like a marginal difference in percentage it means Baillie buying nearly 109000 Tesla shares which is equivalent to a whopping $32M worth of shares in the 4th quarter if considered Friday’s price alone.

According to latest regulator filing, UK based investment management firm now owns 13.2 million shares of Tesla’s total stock that points to the value of $4 billion worth of Tesla based on latest share price of $304.26.

In its consecutive 2nd profitable quarter Tesla has earned dollar 139 million in the fourth quarter of this year. 

The company manage to keep up its pace towards being profitable for the second consecutive quarter despite several blows including non-cash charge of dollar 54 million due to non controlling interests, higher import duty from China, a price reduction in Model S and Model X in China and the launch of lower price mid-range version of Model 3.

It seems that Baillie has grown its interest in electric vehicles significantly. In October, the company took a stake in new Chinese electric vehicle automaker totaling to 11.44 percent of stakes which also recently become a publicly traded company. According to a regulatory filing, the company disclosed that it had purchased 85. 3 million shares.

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