Bachelors in Liberal education is the college degree for New India: Experts discuss at ObserveNow webinar

In a first of its kind, ObserveNow media organised India’s largest virtual education summit involving the pioneers of education in India. In a power-packed 3 hour, summit experts discussed the impacts of the NEP (New Education Policy), how universities are adapting to the new change, the evolution of the demand of online courses, the new way of admissions. 

The experts also discussed how the hybrid education model of learning will pan out in India. And how the future of education will look like? The conference saw the participation of the Vice-Chancellors of World University of Design, Rishihood University, SRM Institute of Science & Technology, GH Raisoni University, Amity School of Communication, Shoolini University, DY Patil International University, Techno India Group,  Shobhit University, Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management, Chitkara University, Assam Down Town University, Vijyabhoomi University etc. 

“AI and data science courses have seen a surge in demands there are going to be more jobs in that space. As for education, I feel some form of blending learning has to be there,” said Arjun Nair, Co-Founder, Great Learning.


“Blending learning will be a part of our education system but I feel once we are over the COVID crisis it will be reduced to barely 20 % we will all go back to the brick and mortar model,” said Kamlesh Mishra, VC Rishihood University. 

“I am working with UGC to chalk out guidelines for the new education system. We are planning to call the blended degrees a bachelors in liberal education interesting times ahead for India,” said Sandeep Sancheti, Vice Chancellor SRM Institute of Science & Technology.

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