B-schools students will benefit tremendously from the NEP 2020 - (Prof) Dr. Sanjiv Marwah, Director, JK Business School

1. What is your view on the New Education Policy as how it can help students in future?

Changing the pedagogical structure from a 10+2 system, to a 5+3+3+4 system is a very well thought step in the education industry. With the advancement in technology, skilling a child since schooling is the need of the hour to increase the employability factor of the youth. The NEP 2020 is very much aligned with the global parameters and allows students to build their own degree by choosing a diverse range of subjects which in return will provide ample opportunities to learn and earn together.

B-schools students will benefit tremendously from the NEP 2020 as the curriculum of all B-schools will be revised and become more rigorous and skill-oriented. Practical knowledge and application-based learning will be the key focus of all the institutions. Blended learning is an important pedagogy in B-Schools and the same has been put forward quite well in the NEP 2020. Blended learning broadens the horizon and develops skill sets, which are essential for the students to succeed in the 21st century’s technologically advanced environment. Also, it offers flexibility to students to enroll in part-time courses so that they have more control over how they choose to structure their personal learning experience. Blended education offers online components to allow for increased flexibility, but one can still attend classes, interact with cohort and professors, and build a business network in a similar way as in a full-time course which is the need of the hour.  

A new vision and outlook for higher education has been envisaged with large, well-resourced, vibrant multidisciplinary institutions. A university will now mean a multidisciplinary institution of higher learning that offers undergraduate and graduate programmes with high-quality teaching, research, community engagement and special focus on blended learning.

This step of the government will aid in preparing highly skilled professionals for the future. India will reap the benefit of this move in the next 40-50 years. Our country will become more developed and highly skilled. The NEP 2020 is a step towards a brighter future for the country as well as the students.

2. How does the institute plan to engage prospective students in normal news?

JKBS has always believed in reinventing the wheel and providing relevant and transformative education. Walking hand-in-hand with the recently introduced National Education Policy 2020 and Outcome based Education System; JK Business School (JKBS) too, is off to a fresh start. The education institute has recently undergone a makeover and introduced a new brand identity, modified their teaching and learning pedagogy to 'blended learning' and ensured physical branding of their classrooms and premises as per the COVID-19 protocols. Along with revamping its identity JKBS has also modified the teaching and learning pedagogy to 'blended learning' and its physical branding of classrooms and premises as per the COVID-19 protocols. As the pandemic hit the global education sector, JKBS was quick to adopt Google G- suite to ensure that students don't miss a single class of their ongoing trimester. Continuing with its belief in quality education, the education institute is providing an environment that nurtures students and enables them to focus on learning through digital mode.

3. Do you really think Digital Education can transfer students' learning as compared to Classroom learning?

Both Digital and Classroom learning has its pros and cons. Though digital education is surely on the rise, it is important to note that it cannot replace the quality of holistic learning that a B-school campus provides. What we cannot negotiate is the crucial role digital learning will play in the future in on-campus regular education as tech-skills are must to succeed in the current fast-pace world. Thus, in the post-COVID19 scene, blended learning is likely to emerge as the new concept.  We at JKBS have already incorporated blended learning in our pedagogy even before the pandemic and that has helped us seamlessly transition into this new phase.


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