As an organization, we are always in tune with the industry demands and updates:Ravi Kaklasaria Co-Founder Spring People

Headquartered in Bengaluru, SpringPeople is an enterprise, training company that provides certification for clout and big data. Co-Founded by Ravi Kaklasaria, IIT-BHU alumni in 2009, the company has come a long way.Today 750 enterprises in India use Spring People for enterprise enablement. Including companies like Cisco, Walmart, IBM, GE etc. 

In an interview with ObserveNow Ravi Kaklasaria, Co-Founder & Payel Purkayastha, Senior Manager Human Resources, they discuss what makes SpringPeople the future of the workplace. 

Edited Excerpts from their interview: 


1- How do you define work flexibility and agility in your organization?

Ravi- Work-life balance has always been important to me personally. So, naturally, I try to ensure that all my employees get to enjoy it too. Just like most other organization today, we offer our employees flexible working hours, work from home policies and a fair enough leaves a year.

We also know that sometimes this is not enough. There are certain circumstances that even the most diligent employees can’t predict or steer clear of. So, we lend our ears, hear their concerns and help them to work out a solution that benefits all parties. As a result of this, sometimes we have employees who take a sabbatical in the middle of the year, but come back with double the productivity and commitment to the organization's goals. 

As an organization, we are always in tune with industry demands and updates. Be it riding the wave of digital transformation with our new product range or updating our work policies as per the requirement of the future workforce, we make efforts continuously to stay relevant and with the changing times. 

2- What makes Spring People an ideal company to work for and how are you redefining your workplace for the future?

Payel (HR) - I have worked here for four years now. What I found here and nowhere else in my 7 years of corporate experience, is the comfort and approachability that the management has ensured in the organization. I have enough space to experiment without any fear of interference, help within reach and always an ear to unload.  

It comes as a surprise even now the comradeship that exists effortlessly within the organization, be it between me and Ravi or Ravi and the rest of the employees. I haven’t come across any employee here who has any fear of approaching Ravi with either personal or professional problems. Quick chats with Ravi have always been something that all of us look forward to every week.  

It is in this kind of environment of openness and positivity that the future workforce can thrive. 


3- Tell us about your employment engagement activities?

Ravi- We try to ensure that employees have their quota of fun even at work. Other than celebrating all religious festivals, we space out exciting activities throughout the year such as our TT tournament, our stair race challenge, cooking in the office together, to name a few.

The year culminates with Umang, a SpringPeople festival where our all employees get together, put on their dancing shoes, make merry and toast to the year ahead. It’s also kind of like our own red carpet event where we give away awards, celebrate our past year’s success and laugh at the memories we have made. 

4- What are Spring People India HR policies for securing the rights of LGBT at the workplace? What has changed in the organization since 377 decriminalization?

Payel (HR)- We are an equal opportunity employer. We are quite proud of the work environment we have cultivated in our organization, where everyone stands out on their merits. As an HR here, I have always been encouraged to look at how the potential employee can contribute to the productivity and positivity of the organization during hiring.

I can say with utmost confidence as an organization we have always viewed everyone with nothing less than respect and acceptance, be it before or after Sec. 377 decriminalization.  

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