Artificially Intelligent Indian Army

As the Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making life easier for the common man. Indian army has also decided to use this as an ammunition which will help them in all sorts of tracking and activities. 

The army has decided to use AI in order to understand war situations, people’s sentiments, requirement of arms and ammunitions.

 The advent of AI could fundamentally change the character of warfare, resulting in a transformation from today’s “informative” ways of warfare to future “intelligent” warfare, in which AI will be critical to military power.  

AI can be gainfully employed to enhance future capabilities of the Indian Army in following areas: - 

·     Intelligent and autonomous unmanned systems.

·     AI-enabled data analysis, information processing and intelligence analysis.

·     War-gaming, simulation, and training.

·     Defence, offense, and command information war.

The Indian army has now planned to use AI technology that can anticipate when a tank would require its next service, its remaining life and potential failures.

Work on developing AI technologies started after the National AI Taskforce recommended that the three-defence services work on 10 AI projects. 

The projects focus on imagery, text, speech and predictive analysis. According to the officials these four areas were the "drivers" of AI. 

As per officials, the proof of concept on imagery involves detecting enemy targets on satellite images.  

“This will use the same AI technology that is used to detect cancer cells. The AI engine will be fed with a thousand images to enable it to identify and locate those images and translate them to targets on a satellite image. Each image has a different geometrical structure like a tank will look different in a satellite image,” an official was quoted saying to the media. 

While AI will stimulate, and arrange knowledge gathering, there is a lack of labour and ability in this field.

AI is the capability of a machine to perform tasks that normally require human intellect, such as visual perception, speech recognition and decision-making.


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