An organisation is more open, adaptive and productive under the influence of women leadership: VP HR Loginext

Awarded as 101 Top HR Minds (India) 2019 and a certified NLP coach, Kenneth W Wheeler, VP HR Loginext is a seasoned HR professional with over 16 years of experience across varied industries. As the VP HR at Loginext he is creating an NPS culture, and building an agile learning architecture to boost future fit workforce. Wheeler has made his contribution to both MNC’s and Start-up ecosystems and thus has a deep understanding of the business. 


In an exclusive interview with ObserveNow, he talks about Loginext and its policies for supporting the rights of the LGBT community, women’s leadership and how the company is preparing itself for staffing the future of workforce. 


Edited Excerpts from his interview: 


Q- Define workplace flexibility and agility at Loginext? 

Agility forms the backbone of everything we do at LogiNext as our core DNA. The moment you step inside the office premises, as an outsider you will immediately sense the buzz, momentum and livewire atmosphere our employees exhibit in and around them. Speed of execution forms one of the key essences of our immense success in such a short time duration. We believe in growing fast and failing fast - which is the main reason we are able to quickly transition from one successful project to another in lighting speed while we treat Quality at the forefront of it all. 


Our CEO and Founder Mr. Dhruvil Sanghavi always throws us that challenge as he says 'If something takes a year to finish, do it in a month if it takes a month, do it in a day' - that truly sums up the agility mantra and mindset for LogiNext.


Flexibility for us is an entity we leave up to our employees. As a lean team, our inertia comes from successful team collaboration and being a closely-knit unit. We empower our teams to take pride in what they do and inculcate a strong sense of ownership. When you manage to establish all of these traits, flexibility on how one chooses to execute their projects becomes your strength as an organization.


Q- How is Loginext upgrading itself to staff the upcoming boom of the millennial workforce? 

With the average age of our employees at 27 years, we already find ourselves in the middle of everything the millennial workforce has to bring to the market and organization alike.


 LogiNext world is woven with young and dynamic talent and we have created a wonderful platform for our young guns to work shoulder to shoulder with the experienced and much-tenured C level executives of large enterprises as we expose them to several external event participations across the globe.


 In sync with fulfilling the need for instant gratification and continuous growing opportunity, we have a robust Learning and Development program for both our Business and Tech employees. 


Our L&D core objective is to provide our team with an on-going opportunity to gain additional knowledge, additional learning and additional exposure/skill in their known as well as unknown domain/functionality. We keep the roles and hierarchy very flat and thin as we follow an open-door policy where closed-door cabins are only used for meetings and our Founders sit right next to our employees. 


Q- What are Loginext HR policies for securing the rights of LGBT at the workplace? What has changed in the organization since 377 decriminalization? 

Acceptance of 377 decriminalization was a boost for LogiNext and the overall principle of fair and just we proudly imply across everything we do. With a rich millennial workforce, we have at LogiNext, our awareness level for a social cause, our interest in social inclination and our belief in equality for all human race is embedded strongly in all our employees. 


With the advent of 377 decriminalization, the change if any has only been to welcome the LGBT rights at the workplace in a more loud and clear voice than ever before. From an HR policy, we are committed to protecting the rights of LGBT at the workplace as similar to any other employee and we stand for one common policy and strongly do not feel the need to define any separate HR policies.


Q- Five years ago salary, benefits, and compensation were the main reason for an employee to choose one employer over the other. Do you think this trend has changed now? How? 

Trend has changed from a perspective that we have some key additional attribute today that form a core part of the decision making when it comes to choosing one employer over the other. 


These criteria's are more influenced by the booming millennial workforce and the fact that by the year 2025, millennials will make up for 75% of the total global workforce - it is important that we pay attention to these trends 

A few core decision riders that hold equal importance and at times a bit more than the ones highlighted in the question can be attributed as:

·     Companies that adopt Lean team methodology  

·     Companies providing opportunity to work on New age cutting edge technology

·     Companies that invest heavily on upskilling and re-training as a core part of their L&D architecture

·     Preference for diversity and inclusion practices 

·     CSR is rising up the rank at a global level 

·     Opportunity for mobile work 



Q- What is the percentage of women at leadership positions at Loginext? How does it help the organization to boom and grow? 

With Ms. Manisha Raisinghani, our CTO & Founder leading from the front, LogiNext is a strong advocate of Women Leadership. We have one successful Woman Leadership across each of our key operation verticals, which accounts for 35% of our Leadership strength. 


It helps the organization immensely as women leadership offers a different perspective, energy, and determination to succeed. Women leaders also blend a balance when it comes to managing tough situations as they relate better to solving complex problems and generally are at ease with it. I have also observed the entire unit being more open, adaptive and productive under the influence of women leadership at LogiNext.

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