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Editor-in-Chief & Co-Founder at ObserveNow. She loves Rumi, traveling, and music. A Mountain girl using the power of words to change the world.

I dream to wake up to a world where I see a thriving Kashmir, a free Palestine and a Free Tibet 

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Sundar Pichai is confused about AI

In a cryptic op-ed published in Financial Times Pichai makes a headline-grabbing call for artificial intelligence to be regulated but his pitch injects a hint at lawmakers to dilute any laws that put a limit on AI usage. ObserveNow reports.

How Kashmiri Pandits lived in 30 years of exile

I was a little girl aged 5 ish, yet I distinctly remember the anxiety, the panic, and fear of death while my family planned to pull off their final escape from the rife stricken state. ObserveNow reports on 30 years of exile for Kashmiri Pandits

Is Vladimir Putin the new father of Russia?

The Russian political structure has shaken up since the resignation of the PM and his entire government yesterday. ObserveNow decodes the political situation in Kremlin.

The big 2020 layoffs

Bigwigs like OYO and Walmart have announced that they are going on a major layoff spree in the season. ObserveNow decodes the reason for these layoffs and its impacts.

US-Iran tensions: Why India has to worry?

ObserveNow explains in 3 steps on what has happened in the last couple of days between US and Iran which would be cause for worry for many including Indians.

What is bringing Jeff Bezos to India?

During his visit, he is likely to meet PM Narendra Modi and kick off Amazon’s annual event around SME’s (Small Medium enterprises) which in India are at huge risk due to deep-pocketed E-commerce companies.

Why Elon Musk never takes a Vacation

His reality is too different. As it turns out Founder and CEO of Tesla thinks taking a “vacation can kill you”. But why this aversion to vacations? Musk believes he has terrible luck when it comes to vacation.