Akrivia Presents Roundtable Discussion on "The Digital shift in HR"

Akrivia HCM in association with ObserveNow is coming up with a roundtable discussion on  "Digital Shift in Human Resource" on 9th January at Le Meridien Gurugram. HR Heads from top companies in Delhi-NCR will participate in the discussion to share their insights on the impact of digitization on Human Resources.

The theme for the roundtable will be in sync with how innovative technology helps in developing and executing Human Resource strategies. The purpose of this to support the strategic direction of the organization specifically in the areas of succession planning, talent management, change management. organizational behavior and many more.

Digital transformation is a big change for many organizations which requires a significant amount of talent development.HR going digital will have a positive impact on the company. The focus of the HR department has shifted to optimizing employee productivity, engagement, teamwork, and career opportunities. Their purposes are to enable people to get work done in more effective and productive ways.

Commenting on the Roundtable Ms. AditiGujral ( Director & OD Development) Sun Insurance life said  "Looking forward to knowing what are the business challenges that must be solved for through talent strategies. She added she also wants to know how HR thinks differently about the workforce and being a leader what they need to do differently in their planning. Vikas Dua Chief HR Mentor at Attayn.co and today's session moderator said He is going to very keen to understand how forward-thinking organizations are preparing their businesses and talent for the high-speed digital transformation that is in motion.

On another keen prospective Arun Verma(CHRO) Brightstar said He is looking forward to connecting with fellow HR Professionals and quite keen to get ideas on how HR can maintain the human touch in the digital age.

 The discussion will revolve around the role of digitization in Recruitment, training, and development, performance management system and many various aspects of HR development  

The round table will have the presence of HR leaders like Farkhanda Yasmin (STARLITE) , Arun Verma (Brightstar), Raj Gupta (TCS), Vikas Dua (Attayn.co), Shika Rastogi (ITV Network), Tapas Acharya (Renew) and many more. 
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