A Black Ramadan for the Children of Gaza?

In what looks like a ceasefire for now. Palestinian officials have reportedly reached to appoint of the ceasefire agreement with the state of Israel to end the recent escalation of tensions that have led to the death of 24 Palestinian and 4 Israeli.  


Israel-Gaza tensions- What happened this week?


Earlier this week Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu had ordered ‘Massive Strikes’ on the Gaza strip. Warplanes, gunboats from Tel Aviv continued to target the Gaza Strip which has killed two pregnant women and three infants in Gaza. 


The fight yesterday was the worst combat between the two disputed states in the Middle East since full-blown combat in 2014. The tensions escalated on Friday after a sniper wounded two Israeli soldiers.  Which could be seen as a violent but localized expression of the failure of the state of Israel to improve the dire humanitarian crisis in Gaza. 


The Bone of Contention- 

Israel till date continues to control all the entry, exit and checkpoints that lead to Gaza. There is a heavy restriction on movement of Local Palestinian population by the Israeli military. Gaza has no economy, trade, production of its own and almost entirely depends on humanitarian aid from all across the world. The rate of unemployment is very high among the youth of this besieged strip and anger and frustration towards deteriorating conditions and life has mounted to extreme tension, violence, and life worse than death in Gaza. 


Ramadan Mubarak? 


While Muslims all over the world are happily engaging, and celebrating the holy month of Ramadan to connect themselves to God. The Muslims of Gaza have a completely different picture in front of them. They have spent the first day of the holy month in fear of death. And for those who survived(for now) are spending the second day today burying their loved ones. 


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