5 simple ways to improve your company culture

Every professional aspires to associate with a company that has certain benchmarks in the industry. Its indeed a matter of pride to ‘belong’ to a brand that is people-centric and always looks out for its employees. However, statistics state otherwise. 


According to the Culture Vigilance Report (2019) published by United Minds, one in every five employees have claimed that their company has suffered through a culture-related crisis. 


An ‘employee experience’ is not just a term. But moments and situations that every employee encounters, on an everyday basis, at work. Here’s how the company culture impacts an employee’s performance and precisely why companies must make an effort to build a better company culture. 


#1 – Drive A Growth Mindset

Encouraging ideas, empowering innovation and making efforts towards facilitating upskilling are bound to drive engagement amidst the employees. Providing basic in-house training, providing access to resources that help explore a topic in-depth, introducing learning programs that enable employees to acquire new skills at work; are ways in which the senior leadership can lead by example. Only when the employees feel valued, will they add value to the company. 


#2 – Inculcate A 360 Degree Perspective

Company culture is not just about driving employee engagement activities. It also includes sensitization towards the importance of Diversity & Inclusion, respecting opinions (even when there is personal disagreement), and constantly seeking out as well as being receptive to feedback. It is a proven fact - Employees that feel valued are 4.6 times more likely to perform their best at work. Thus, companies that are stringent about maintaining  transparency in their communications benefit enormously. 


#3 - Do More Talk Less

‘Future of HR 2020’ - A report by KPMG states that 61% of HR, globally, endeavour to align their company culture with that of the organization’s purpose. Times are changing and staying at par with the latest trends, organizations often implement impactful culture-driven initiatives. But due to a lack of consistency in sustaining the same, the good intentions do not last long. At times like these, the best way ahead is to nominate ‘Culture Champions’ with a primary KRA of driving participation and a mentor to guide them through the company processes.     


#4 – Encourage Work-Life Harmony

If the employees strive to look out for the company, the company must reciprocate by looking out for them as well! The Global Culture Report 2020 by OC Tanner Institute validates that 79% of employees suffer from some sort of work stress and burnout – A statistic that should raise a red flag for all companies! With the increased dependency on technology and the fast-paced lifestyles that we lead, our emotional quotients have taken a major blow, reflecting on our health. Thus, companies MUST encourage mindfulness and well-being at work: Both, physical as well as emotional. 


#5 – Take A Culture Check

Being aligned with the culture helps fuel one’s passion to work, gives a purpose to stick around longer, and converts enthusiasm into positive ROI. Instead of undertaking annual surveys, companies should focus on bi-annual cultural audits. Introducing a platform that captures continuous feedback, also helps. But what is more critical is to implement that the feedback received gets acknowledged and acted upon, in real-time. Actions speak louder than words and witnessing a change led by one’s feedback is definitely motivating.  


According to a study conducted by Forbes, teams that have featured in the top 20% for engagement, have been said to witness 41% reduction in absenteeismThe equation is thus simple. Employees that are high on engagement will voluntarily become cultural ambassadors. This in turn will lead to a reduction in absenteeism and add to the overall growth of the business. Building a company culture is not a one-time initiative; it’s a continuous process of learning and growing. 

Author- Mr Uma Maheswara Sarma Tatipati, Manager, People Operations at SmartDrive Systems 

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