5 Misconceptions About Gay Men

After India took a historic decision of decriminalizing homosexuality in 2018 September. Things are starting to change for the LGBTQA (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer Asexual) group. However, since it had been such a long time that homosexuality was a criminal offense in India. It has certainly built some heavy misconceptions about the people from the community. 

 ObserveNowbrings to you the 5 most common misconceptions about Gay Men. 

1- All Gay guys are Feminine and Over The Top

Due to a perception built by most of our Bollywood mainstream movies where a Gay person is displayed as wearing hot pink colour, sleazy clothes and always talking in a girlish tone is all an exaggerated picture. We know how to wear decent general clothes; In reality, men don’t get hyperactive on small things and can mind their tone very well.Such behavior is a an individualistic trait and has nothing to do with one’s sexuality. 

2-Gay Men Hit on Every Guy 

Like every heterosexual person, homosexuals too have a very specific taste in the kind of partner they want or want to get intimate with. Every other guy walking down the road is not their taste. Neither are they desperate to put out to anyone. So calm down when you meet them. 

3- Gay Men Disrespect 

It’s a very serious myth people have in their minds about gay men not respecting women because they’re simply of no interest to them. For Gay people or anyone, respect and interest are in no kind of proportion with each other. They respect women as much as straight men.  Once again this is an individualistic trait and has nothing to do with one’s sexuality. 

4-Gay Relationships Don't Last 

There are gay people who have been committed to each other for years. They understand the concept of love is love and swear by it. As much as any straight couple. 

5-Gay People are More Sexually Active

It is not true that gay people are very sexually active. They know how to preserve their treasure and their intimate life is as much as everyone. They don’t go to clubs only to find hookups, it’s not the only thing that excites them.

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