5 journalist’s assassination that shook the media

Often referred to as the fourth estate in a country- media and journalism are indeed one of the trickiest jobs in the world. Getting fired without explanation, getting subdued or worst even getting killed is something journalists have to prep and sign up for before they take up the jobs. 


The number of journalists killed while on the job rose again in 2018 as per a report by IFJ (International Federation of Journalists). More than 94 journalists around the world have been assassinated in targeted killing, bomb attacks, and crossfire. Their figures are reversing a downward trend that the previous years have seen. It is said that 9/10 killers never get punished or convicted for a journalist’s murder. 


Observe Now brings to you 5 targeted journalists assassinations that shook the media industry in India and abroad. 


Jamal Khashoggi - One of the biggest international controversies of 2018 was the cold-blooded murder of this Saudi journalist. Khashoggi was a Saudi Arabian dissent author and columnist at Washington Post. He was assassinated in the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul. He had gone to the consulate to get some paperwork but was killed by Saudi assassins and later his body was dissolved in acid. Jamal was a critique of the Saudi crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman (MBS). It is widely speculated he was the signing authority behind the murder. CIA has confirmed the reports of MBS being responsible for the murder however Saudi Arabia and Donald Trump have refused the claim.   

Gauri Lankesh - On a sad day for Indian journalism, journalist-activist Gauri Lankesh, the editor of lankesh Patrike was shot dead outside her house in Banglore by unknown assailants. Lankesh spoke strongly against right-wing Hindu extremism and campaigned very strongly for women’s rights and opposed caste-based discrimination.  She was also known for strongly advocating for freedom of the press.  

Akshay Singh - Akshay Singh was an investigative journalist with Aaj Tak. In 2015 he was in Madhya Pradesh to investigate the unnatural deaths in the Vypam scam but died under mysterious circumstances. The 36-year-old succumbed to death shortly after interviewing the parents of a girl who was found dead, following her name appearing in the scam. 


James Foley-James was an American journalist and video reporter who was covering the Syrian Civil war in 2014. James was abducted in Northwestern Syria and was beheaded on live camera by ISIS extremists. He was the first journalist to be assassinated by the rebel group. 

Daniel Pearl-Daniel Pearl was working as the South Asia Bureau chief of the Wall Street Journal in Pakistan in 2002 when he was kidnapped and later beheaded by Al-Qaeda. Pearl’s severed and decomposed body was found cut in 10 pieces and buried along an identifying jacket in Karachi. The terror group threatened to continue such beheadings if all Muslim prisoners of Guantanamo Bay were not released. 



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