4 things to expect in your first week at a startup

With the boom in startups across the country, millennials are now more open than ever to choose the startup route over corporations. On the other hand, corporations too are working hard to adopt the startup mentality to woo these young minds.


Be it flexible timings, the freedom to work from home or the opportunity to walk into the office wearing flip-flops, startups are increasingly gaining the attention of millennials. But if you are fresher or someone who is considering switching over to a startup, here are some things that you can expect in the first week of joining.

1.      Everything is new

The onboarding session may be a tad difficult as the complexities of business get distilled into an hour. It’s a good habit to read upon the startup as receiving a deluge of information without having an insider’s context means you don’t retain as much as you would like to. Sometimes small startups do not have a full-fledged IT department so you can expect your colleagues to help you set up your system.

The rest of your day will be spent on poking around systems, getting access to various tools, securing a list of key team members that you should meet, log into the tools/systems they use, and view videos and articles that are important


2.      Independence

You will be solely responsible for everything at a startup. If you are someone who has a corporate background, this can be a little intimidating. You cannot expect things to be spoon-fed to you at a startup; you are generally on your own. You are your own boss and the responsibility to get the ball rolling lies solely on your own shoulders


3.       Finding opportunities

When you have settled in your team and can now put faces to names, you will find yourself investigating gaps and opportunities for your team. You will have to start pulling historical data and started building your knowledge about the sector and industry. By the first week, you will have your moment of ‘Oh! This is what I was hired for’ and you will soon realize your immediate team’s potential. You will now head home feeling completely different from the day before


4.      Distinctive work culture 

Unlike a corporate structure, startups pride themselves on having a work culture that is based on openness and fluidity, so you can expect flat hierarchy, open discussions and unusual solutions to problems! The office set up of startups offers fluid work stations like standing desks, bean bags, swings, etc. to make employees as comfortable as possible. So do not be surprised if your next meeting happens over munchies and juices. 

Author- Bhavin Turakhia, CEO & Founder, Flock 

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