3 million Indians stuck in abusive jobs in the UAE

Activists have revealed that companies in the UAE are increasingly using tourist visas to hire Indian nationals in a scam that leaves Indian migrants open to labor abuse, police, and exploitation. 


It is quicker and easier to obtain a tourist visa than a work permit in the UAE, hence many employers and middlemen are luring Indians to join lucrative jobs in the UAE and are then underpaid, overworked in the country. Immigrants fear to report to the authorities for the revelation of their illegal status. 


The magnitude of the problem is unknown as tourist visa records do not appear on UAE employment records.  But the practice is on rising with more than 3 million Indian workers often hired at short notice on long construction projects. 


It is rumored that the demand for short term workers in the run-up to Dubai’s Expo 2020 has fuelled the scam. 


When the immigrants reach the UAE their passports are taken away by their agents at the airport and then they are made to work under cruel, unlawful and harsh conditions in one of the richest countries in the world. Many works have reported physical assault and torture from their employers. 

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