10 point cheat sheet to get more productive workforce during Covid-19

At ObserveNow recent Webinar on “Appreciation in the times of crisis”. Our editor Ms. Taniya Tikoo spoke to  Ms. Taruna Lohamor, VP HR, Admin, Xoxoday and Mr. Adrian Tan, Practice Leader Peoplestrong, to understand how to create a more engaged, productive workforce during the time of COVID 19. The one-hour session was joined by 100 plus HR leaders who shared their worries, best practices and solutions for organizations at this time. Taruna and Adrian spoke at length about how appreciation and adjustment to this new norm of Work from Home can lead organizations into productivity. 


 Following were the key takeaways:

 1- E appreciation is the key to engage your workforce skilfully 

2- Small gestures can go a long way, and we need to adjust to this new life of WFH. 

3- Make sure to use safe web meeting tools and take personal security measures 

4- Leaders should come forward and address an unsung hero of the organization every week.

5- HR should Ensure work productivity as well as work-life balance for employees 

6- AI-based rewards and recognition should be developed 

7- Online Coffee meets, book clubs, painting contests can help to boost motivation 

8- HR needs to realize that one policy won’t solve all problems for everyone so think of tailor-made policies to help all the employees 

9- At this time everyone seems to be missing the human touch and social work life 

10- Use this time to reskill yourself on things you never would learn otherwise. This will boost your growth in the organization after the pandemic. And share the results.

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