The 5 M’s of Event management by Gaurav Arora: Founder Red Knot Marketing Solutions

From branding, promotions launch to high impact experiential marketing campaigns Redknot is a 360-degree marketing solutions agency with its expertise in quality-driven services. They have successfully executed exceptionally below the line activations for well-known brands of the world. Founded 8 years ago by Gaurav Arora, the company has come a long way in its journey of bitter-sweet experiences. 


Gaurav is a person who likes telling stories and creating memories that last a lifetime. Hence came into being Red Knot. ObserveNow recently caught up with Gaurav to understand his idea, vision, and mission behind the company, its evolution and the changing scenarios of event management. And he certainly shared some interesting insights. 


Edited excerpts from his interview: 


Q- Tell us about the kind and scale of events RedKnot creates for their clients? 

A–RedKnot as an event management support has been involved in organizing corporate, institutional, entertainment, cultural and now wedding events as well. We have the expertise to manage a diverse portfolio of events for our clients. We have organized launch events, sports events, corporate events, experiential marketing events, etc. since our inception 8 years ago. 


We have in the past, organized some really high impact events that garnered record-breaking traffic numbers. We conceptualized an experiential event for a leading beverage brand that was executed in Pan India and became a national phenomenon. 


The scale of this event was huge because it traveled across India and captured the attention of a mass audience. It was basically designed to match the persona of the brand where the activation was executed by providing the users an experience that gave them an adrenaline rush. It instantly gathered the attention of the audience.



Q- How did Red Knot come into being, take us through its journey? 

A–RedKnot started its journey some 8 years back as an event management startup. Our journey has been an amalgamation of sweet-sour experiences. What we started as a support system for organizing events later grew to become a strategic partner for businesses. We have now diversified our operations horizontally and have grown vertically in our portfolio.

Now, our scale of operations is larger than before and we’ve also ventured in wedding and cultural events. The senior leadership at RedKnot has more than 15 years of rich experience in delivering impact-oriented solutions to the brands.


Q- Do you believe event management is an integral part of BTL marketing? How and Why? 

A-Absolutely, I strongly believe that event management is an integral part of BTL marketing because creative conceptualization and innovative concepts that are built before the execution, define the techniques to reach consumers. This concept is part of marketing. Whatever is the strategy to enter different market geographies, it is all a part of a different marketing gimmick.

Each time an event is planned and strategized, there is a marketing campaign that follows. There is always a congruence of event strategy with  BTL marketing.


Q-Talk to us about the 5 M's of Event Management and their significances? 

A–Money, Machine, Men, Material, and Method are crucial to the successful execution of any activity in the event management industry. These pillars are significant for any organization since their blend prepares a goof-proof recipe to build strong market integrity. 

I think that a balanced amount of all these ingredients would result in conceptualizing and executing impact generating events. 


 Q- What prompted you to leave your job and embark on the journey of entrepreneurship? 

A–Well, I have always wanted to challenge myself and do things that would leave an impact. The event management industry involves industry dynamics to a larger extent and that is what my driving force was. Entrepreneurship followed later, however my first and the foremost vision was to build a platform of sustained service provision. Through events, I wanted to tell stories. I wanted to build concepts on ideas that people retain in their memories forever and hence I decided to bring RedKnot into existence. 


Q- Give two tips to budding entrepreneurs? 

A–I believe that “Patience ensures victory”. As long as you have faith in your capabilities, you’ll know that patience will pay. I think that this trust takes you far. 

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