Meera reminiscences old times with popular ‘Velikizhamai’ advertisement from the 90’s

In these unprecedented times of COVID -19, as we are all locked up in our homes for a major part of the time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to cope with the stress arising out of this uncertainty. Meera, one of the flagship brands of CavinKare strongly believes that tradition encompasses everything and is a go-to for all kinds of situations. 


As the world is slowly starting to realize the importance of our traditional practice right from saying Namaste, to washing your hands and legs after coming from outside, Meera decided to emphasize the importance of another very important traditional ritual, an oil bath with powder, with a nostalgic touch. Meera announced that they would re-telecast their iconic ‘Velikizhamai’ ad across Tamil Nadu to bring that flood of nostalgic memories from the 90s.


Almost every home in Tamil Nadu would strongly relate to this advertisement, the jingle, and the ritual. The visual along with the jingle captures how a mother gives a relaxing oil massage to daughter followed by a Hairwash with Meera Herbal powder, a blend of 11 natural herbs. Excess body heat, especially during summer, could cause problems like headache, lack of proper sleep, hair fal,l etc. and a relaxing oil massage bath with Meera powder helps you tackle all these along with a host of numerous other health benefits.


Commenting on the re-launch of the advertisement, Gayatri Kabilan, Senior Manager- Marketing says “We have started seeing our traditional practices being widely adopted and hence we thought this would be the right time to reemphasize the importance of an oil bath with Meera powder in a nostalgic way. Meera’s ‘Velikizhamai’ Ad has started re-telecasting across Tamil Nadu in popular TV channels with a focus on old-time favorite classic serials which are being re-run, 90s movies, etc. where the consumer will be able to connect to it better. We at that time would have been heavy advertisers in these shows and now when the consumer sees it again, they would be able to relate to the ad and realize the striking importance of this ritual at such a time. Meera as a brand has always connected with the consumers of South India and their innate rituals and traditions for close to three decades now. As consumers are watching more of retro movies and programs what better than complementing with old ads of Meera to make the feeling complete.” 


The TVC would be aired on top channels like Sun TV focusing on a rerun of various serials like Chitti, Metti Oli to name a few along with some of the 90s hit.


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About Meera: Meera is one of the flagship brands of CavinKare which is in its 28th year of delivering strong and healthy hair. Meera boasts of a portfolio like Shampoo, Herbal Powder, Coconut Oil, Herbal Oil, Conditioner, and Hair Wash Paste, stressing on wholesome health for hair. The brand derives its strengths from a deep understanding of traditional Indian practices and giving it to the consumer in easy-to-use contemporary formats. The brand ‘MEERA’ evokes immense respect from both consumers and retailers which only a few other brands can claim and is one of the trusted household brands of South India.

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