Education can play a key role in changing the narrative for North-East says Assam MP Gaurav Gogoi

In an exclusive Virtual interview with our Editor-in-Chief, Ms. Taniya Tikoo spoke to Mr. Gaurav Gogoi, Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha, Kailabor, Assam for ObserveNow leadership series. Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, talked about leadership, CAA, Covid-19 and his future in politics. 


The idea behind the interview was designed to inspire youth and understand his form and style of leadership. When asked what makes a successful leader Mr. Gaurav said leadership for him means less about himself and more about supporting everyone. A leader has to be the head of the family and understands everyone’s goalkeeping in mind the collective goal, he stressed. 


While talking about Assam, Gogoi said there is so much to Assam and North-East beyond the conflict but there has to be a conscious effort to make it a part of the common narrative. He said he is focused on the education system and making it better. 


Education can play a key role in changing the narrative for North-East by including their history and culture in the textbooks, Mr. Gaurav explained.


Gaurav Gogoi said he had prioritized bringing migrant laborers back to the state due to Covid-19 while providing ration and other items for children. 


Critical about the PM relief care fund, he said there is no transparency for states in the fund.


 As the Covid-19 fight is majorly handled by districts, the CM Relief funds should have been boosted by the center so thought money could be used locally for the local people, he said. 


He was also critical about CAA which was very much in debate before Covid-19. Expressing his disapproval, he said the CAA is not universal which is against the principles of the Indian state. 


The session ended with a  leadership rapid-fire, where Gogoi showed a very candid side where he talked about The Last Dance being his favorite Netflix series, that he always leads from intuition but is not a risk-taker, but holds accountability for everyone in his team. 




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