Corona in India: Latest Updates

Nine people have died in India after contacting the Corona virus which has now infected more than 500 people across the country. Health experts have warned of a big jump in the number of cases in the coming months. 

So far the number of infections in the country has been low as compared to the population density but new cases are being reported every day from some part of the country. Authorities have imposed curfews and lockdowns in several cities and districts. 

Authorities have banned gatherings of more than five people in several of India's states, including Maharashtra, the worst affected with 101 cases.The state of Kerala, which has been praised for its proactive approach to the pandemic early on, has 97 cases so far. A large section of the state's residents work abroad, mainly in the Middle East. 

In the financial hub of Mumbai, Maharashtra's capital, the Mumbai locals which usually carry 8 million people a day, have been suspended until the end of the month. Indian Railways has suspended all trains till 31st March and domestic flight operations will also be stalled from today. 144 has been imposed in many areas to refrain the public from leaving their homes. 

PM Narendra Modi has urged the citizens to take the lockdown and curfew seriously and to understand the gravity of the situation. PM is also set to address the nation today at 8 PM on the vital aspects relating to the menace of COVID 19. Below is a state-wise tally of coronavirus spread in India as per the Health Ministry today. 

  • Andhra Pradesh 7
  • Bihar 2
  • Chhattisgarh 1
  • Delhi 31
  • Gujarat 29
  • Haryana 26
  • Himachal Pradesh 3
  • Karnataka 37
  • Kerala 95
  • Madhya Pradesh 7
  • Maharashtra 87
  • Odisha 2
  • Puducherry 1
  • Punjab 21
  • Rajasthan 33
  • Tamil Nadu 12
  • Telangana 32
  • Chandigarh 6
  • Jammu and Kashmir 4
  • Ladakh 13
  • Uttar Pradesh 33
  • Uttarakhand 3
  • West Bengal 7

Pic Credit: UNICEF* 

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